Lifestyle Get comfy during lockdown with XYXX: Review and unboxing

Get comfy during lockdown with XYXX: Review and unboxing

Here’s everything that you need to know about buying innerwear and loungewear from XYXX Crew

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When was the last time you wore those shirts and pants hanging in your wardrobe? I am sure it was in 2020 somewhere around mid-march, right? And since then, not just our clothes, but our lives have changed dramatically. Damn Corona!

Well, whatever be the case, lazy bums like me are really loving this era of ‘staying indoors in boxers’ and ‘working from the bed’.

No doubt the pandemic has restricted our movements, and it’s only best that we remain inside to stay protected, but living at home has its own rules. And the number one rule is – you must wear the most comfortable clothes available in your wardrobe at all times. (Now who’d explain to the boss that I can’t wear formals at home, just even for your 1-hour video call!) But hey, who knows what I am wearing down there, so screw you, boss!

formals and boxers

Someone once said fashion and comfort hardly go hand in hand. Well, they weren’t introduced to modern loungewear. In fact there’s such a wide range that we can setup a separate wardrobe and call it ‘work from home’ essentials. And not just that, we have denied our body the quality innerwear it deserves for a really long time.

Not anymore.

Now the time has come, my fellow men, when we consider what’s best for our body and not say ‘it’s okay, works for me’!


Mental peace resides in a comfortable body.

And for that, your pajamas and chaddis better be comfy!

Born and manufactured in India, XYXX offers nothing but that. Its credit goes to the type of material XYXX uses in manufacturing its products. I had never imagined that there were so many cotton varieties and how someone could go into many technicalities to offer the most premium and body-friendly innerwear.

XYXX uses three types of cotton to manufacture their products. And all three kinds of cotton are the most premium varieties.

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Supima cotton

India is one of the top 5 importers of this cotton. Supima is a not for profit organization involved in the quality assurance of the production and use of superior Pima cotton (thus, the name Supima cotton). Mainly produced in the USA, this cotton is exported as raw material to various parts of the world to manufacture finished goods. (All XYXX t-shirts are made from Supima cotton).

This variety is very soft to touch yet strong and hence doesn’t lose colour easily. Also, clothes made out of this cotton retains their shine for a really long time.

Tencel Modal

As per, TENCEL™ Modal fibres are known for their fantastic softness. Extracted from naturally grown beech wood using a pulp-to-fibre process, this cotton is biodegradable and feels twice as soft as cotton even after repeated washing. (XYXX briefs and trunks are made of Tencel Modal, highly recommended, and you must definitely try it out).

Combed cotton

It is a superior version of cotton, which is made by treating the cotton fibres before running it into yarns. XYXX uses combed cotton to make its lowers and boxers. (I had ordered two pyjamas, and I love them!).

Here’s the unboxing video of what I had ordered

My personal XYXX review


The packing was wonderful, as you must have seen in the video. It comes in a branded packet assuring that the products you have received are 100% original.

xyxx packing xyxx packing

The packing material is also perfect, which definitely speaks volume about quality control.

Products I ordered

The fitting is extremely good. An important tip – order your size, don’t think that since it is comfort-wear, so I will order a size bigger; they have already taken good care of that.

xyxx lower fitting

I ordered two lowers; both are having modern colours in checks. One is grey and the other maroon. Both the pyjamas came with three pockets. Of the three, two are on either side (one is a zip pocket, and the other is an open pocket), and one at the back.

The zip pocket has a quality zipper, so don’t worry about zip malfunctioning.

XYXX tencel modal briefs

Moreover, if you are planning to buy Tencel Modal underwears, go for them with your closed eyes! They are just superb.

Final verdict

Though variety can be increased on the website in certain sections, the quality of products is definitely premium. You may feel their pricing competing with other mid-premium brands in the market, but XYXX’s quality beats them from every measure. While I have only experienced their lowers/pyjamas and trunks, I am 100% sure that their t-shirts and vests are a must-try too.

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