Bust a Rhyme Wish you were here..

Wish you were here..

I wish you were here, but things aren’t the way we think..
You were right here..but just vanished with an eyes’ blink..
I miss you so much when those wind chimes clink..
Me and the bar..n my iced drink..
You look so lovely..when you wear pink..
Now you are far away, pour me another drink..
This distance long..things are goin wrong..
Sleeping pills..then am clearing bong..
Dreamin you all night..memories comin too strong..
up on a terrace..i am humming a song..
We are on phone baby..but that is not an issue..
In my arms, thats where i miss you..
I got a tear in my eye..somebody get me a tissue..
Ohh i forgot theres nobody here..
I know how much you want to be there..
Cuz the way you care..it’s really rare..
But see the time changed that you can’t come..
lately, you were right at my spot when i cudn’t even solve a sum..

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Author: Wotpost.


I am Saurabh Jindal, the show runner at Wotpost. I am a content marketing professional who have helped some big names in their journey of content. I have been following memes from a decade and love to be a part of pop cult. Hanging out with friends and doing all things hip-hop is my favorite pastime.