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Why use coffee-based skincare products like mCaffeine

Back in those days when coffee was only meant to be consumed, little did we know that there will come a time when will be applying more coffee on our skin than we consume. Today, the coffee-based skincare market size is over USD 600 million! Indeed, people are feeling its benefits on their skin to make this industry so big. I have personally bought some products of mCaffeine. But before I share my review, let me tell you scientifically-backed benefits you can derive from using coffee-based skincare products.

Cellulite reduction:

The most critical benefit of using coffee as skincare is cellulite reduction. Since coffee increases the blood flow and makes us active, it dilates the blood vessels and creates the same effect when applied to the skin. Thus, decreasing the appearance of the cellulite. However, to experience this on your skin, it is best to use it as a scrub. It will also exfoliate and make your skin appear smoother.

Anti-ageing benefits:

Well, some studies have also found out that regular consumption of coffee was found to minimise the premature ageing of the skin due to harmful ultraviolet rays.

No more dark circles:

The logic of dilated blood vessels applies here too. So, if you are suffering from rigid dark circles that don’t seem to rub away, coffee might come to your aid. Not to forget that drinking plenty of water and having a healthy sleep cycle must be the priority before expecting anything from cosmetic products.


Coffee not only takes away the fatigue from the inside. As a topical element too, coffee-based skincare also restores radiance and make your skin look energised.

What’s acne, you ask:

Coffee is full of anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Regular exfoliation will help reduce acne or skin infections emerging from harmful bacteria resting on your face.

Lip scrub:

Mix coffee with honey and rub it gently around your lips for plump, smooth, and desirous lips. Remember not to overdo. As a woman, after scrubbing, apply some coconut oil before putting on your lipstick. Thank me later once you see the results!

So, should I just go to my kitchen and grab that jar of Nescafe?

Well, sure you can do that if you like to put in the hard work when it’s not required. As a smart individual, you can just visit mCaffeine and buy a range of products as per your need. I recently purchased the coffee de-stress kit and combined it with Choco body butter. The result of these three musketeers, when combined, was simply fabulous. Check out my video review below to know all about my secret ‘3-step Shine with Coffee’ regime!

Review credits: Himanshi – Follow her on Instagram for amazing corporate humour

Step 1:

Coffee body polishing oil: Massage your body with this oil. It will provide the nourishment required before the exfoliation. So even if you have sensitive skin, you can easily scrub without stripping off any natural oil from your body.

Step 2:

Coffee body scrub: Soak yourself in water or probably take a shower. With gentle hands, scrub your body in a circular motion. Give every part of your body 2-3 minutes for proper exfoliation. Once done, let it rest for another 2 minutes, then wash it off.

Step 3:

Choco body butter: Time to nourish your body! Use Choco body butter, take a pea-sized portion for each body part and massage gently but thoroughly. This body butter may feel a little heavy to some, but if you give it some time, it will completely absorb in your body, and you would just love the after-effects!

Final verdict:

I have sensitive skin. Whenever I head out in the sun, I often come home tanned. I could very well take care of my face skin; however, I was still running around to find the best products for my skincare regime. I have used mCaffeine a couple of times and experienced no side effects of any kind. When I follow my 3-step regime, it never dries out my skin. In turn, make it healthy, radiant, and very soft and supple to touch.

This review is by Himanshi Jindal who really don’t like to experiment much with cosmetics or skincare products. All the information and opinions stated above are based on personal experience and true from that perspective.


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