Obtaining disability compensation from the VA is difficult. Having experienced veteran lawyers on your side can help you get the benefits you deserve.


When veterans return home from military service, some suffer from deteriorated physical or mental health that prevents them from returning to work. The VA provides financial compensation to help them cope with their disabilities. Choosing an experienced law firm is necessary for veterans who want to file for disability benefits. An attorney who practices exclusively or primarily in veterans’ disability will be far more valuable to your claim than an attorney who dabbles in many different areas of law.

Don’t hire a lawyer who doesn’t explain their contract thoroughly on the phone. Likewise, it would be best if you refrained from sifting through pages of legalese by yourself or being shuffled from paralegal to paralegal while trying to get answers to your questions. The lawyers will take the time to review your contact details on the phone with you. This is the only way to ensure you understand what you are getting into. Also, a law firm with decades of experience in veterans’ disability law provides valuable expertise and guidance to veterans seeking assistance with their disability claims.


When you claim disability benefits, the government requires that your condition be “service-connected.” That means that injuries or illnesses in active service must have caused it. A VA lawyer will ensure that you have the evidence required to prove your service connection, including your medical records and a detailed account of your military history. In some cases, the VA establishes a presumption of service connection. For example, veterans who served at Camp Lejeune and suffered from toxic chemical exposure are presumed to have a disability related to that exposure. Congress also established a list of presumptive conditions for veterans suffering from the effects of Agent Orange, a herbicide used in Vietnam. An experienced attorney will help you recover the full compensation you are entitled to. They will ensure that you receive the back pay you are owed for your present and future claims and any retroactive payments you deserve from the VA.

Focus on Winning

A firm that has an extensive history in veterans’ disability law is likely to have a proven track record of winning cases. This translates into an ability to build strong supporting medical evidence and effectively argue your case at the Board of Veterans Appeals, the federal court that decides appeals when the VA denies a claim. An experienced attorney will also understand how the legal processes governing these cases can be complex and confusing for a layperson. While there are nonprofit offices that offer assistance to veterans, these groups can often be understaffed and need more resources. Lastly, look for a firm that offers to pay the cost of forensic medical experts upfront and will take these expenses out of any lump-sum payout you receive when you win your claim. This is a key way that the right veterans’ disability lawyers can reduce the stress and burden of navigating this process. Discerning these traits in initial interactions with a prospective attorney can be difficult.


Responsiveness is the degree to which interaction partners meet each other’s needs and wishes. It is one of the core characteristics that define close relationships, including those in marriages and families. Choosing a firm that promptly and attentively responds to your questions and concerns is critical. You should not be shuffled from paralegal to paralegal, and you should never feel that your case is not of interest. A veteran disability lawyer can help you with various legal issues related to your service. For example, some veterans are diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder, PTSD, a debilitating medical condition that makes it difficult to get employment and socialize.

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