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Who Is Dancing Uncle – Sanjeev Shrivastava And Everything About Him

Facebook’s trending dancing sensation who rocked the world with his lovable and entertaining videos has won hearts of millions of people by putting a smile on their face. And our loving public has given him name ‘Dancing Uncle’.

India’s Dancing Uncle Proved That Age Is Just a Number

But who is he?

The 45 year of electronics professor has proved that one should always do what they love or have passion for. The dancing Uncle Sanjeev Shrivastava a.k.a Dabbu Uncle is a professor at Bhabha Engineering Research Institute in Bhopal and got in the limelight after videos of him dancing fabulously at his family function got viral over the internet.

Fame certainly has availed the perks, and in no time he will fetch various paths to grab the name and fame. Developing talent is one of the best way to market them to the world. So this electronic professor has badly bullied on internet due to his selfless act of “BEING FREE”.

Reminded of the good ol’ 90s times

And here’s the thing, rather than trolling him and making silly comments, people loved the way he danced almost how our one and only Superstar Govinda used to dance. With the same passion and somewhat goofy expressions he might make our upcoming dancing star Varun Dhawan jealous. Thus, shining on the screen over the night for Mr. Srivastava was something beyond his imagination.

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He got his launch pad sorted, maybe a little late though

His recent video of the Famous Song “Tamma Tamma”  Revamped from Varun Dhawan’s and Alia Bhatt’s movie Badrinath Ki Dhulania also went viral and being shared all over the internet.

Manged to reach Govinda as well

Due to his increasing popularity, Dabbu Uncle’s dancing grooves helped him quickly gain over 5k followers on Twitter in a few days. Even his Idol Govinda applauded the performance given by the Professor as there were a number of people who used to imitate the actor but Mr. Srivastava gave a best shot and had something to say to him “I would like to say thanks. I have seen it. Acha Laga Mujhe” and added “ kisine bheja mujhe Mumbai mei. Mujhe acha laga. Sunita( Govinda’s wife) ko dikhaya maine”. The professor felt overwhelmed by this gesture of the actor Govinda that he supported his act.

The moves were wholly influenced by the actor “RAJA BABU” and he shook his leg on “AAP KE AAJANE SE”. Even a blogger and vlogger who seems to be a fine dancer was caught matching Srivastava’s moves.

And from there he got his name

And not only Govinda but he won hearts of many other Bollywood celebrities like Sunil Shetty, Anushka Sharma, Arjun Kapoor, Dia Mirza, Raveena Tondon, Divya Dutta etc for his free style Govinda Dance. His video even featured on “The Morning Show” where the hosts loved his videos, thus making him a global sensation. Twitter granted him the hashtag dancing Uncle (#dancinguncle).

Paparazzi will take it over from here

He even met the Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh Mr. Shivraj Singh Chouhan. His videos are being loved throughout the nation and he is overwhelmed by the fame and attention he is getting. Nowadays he is getting featured in many Youtube videos, News Channel Interviews etc.

Inspiration to many people, Dabbu Uncle has launched three videos so far and working with Bajaj Allianz on his debut commercial.

He recently addressed via his twitter account about the fake accounts on different social media platforms. He is active on his twitter account and also operates a Youtube Channel to thank and staying in touch with his fans while also acknowledging the mention and portrayal of his dance moves on different media platforms.

The Madhya Pradesh resident feels that his life has transmuted for a good cause. In one interview, he stated that he feels as if any angel or god just changed his life over the night by using any magic wand.


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