You say you got flow, i wonder why so many breaks
thirty second shot, and a plenty of retakes…
Man why your hands shiver and your leg shakes
U call yourself real
but the way you do, you do it all fakes..
Now you advice me slow down boy
But i got no brakes..
It takes but it makes..
They told me have a little faith
meanwhile you go to ganges water and bathe..
But does it clean the black heart inside
In a single country they screamin Eastside Westside…
Come here jump in my ride..
I show you the divide
How Biggie and Tupac died..
what a shame it ignite
Man killin man for unknown cause and plight…
My daddy said i still remember days when life was healthy and bright
now everything is faded down in my sight…
Nights are not night and days dont bring no light
what the hell is this fuckin money fight…
He’s got enough wisdom that gives me enough pride
When i walk with my dad i feel doubled up height…

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