Bust a Rhyme What makes me famous…

What makes me famous…

bentley hood
One day i will be having my own Bentley..
Rollin on the streets dominantly..
Filled with girls dressed scantily..
my chauffeur cleanin my car gently..
u see that coupe’ on them dub..outside the club..
i push button gently baby..them keys i dont rub..
my worker on a leave..i can keep u as a sub..
am a rich fella baby i got haters too many..
everyday i hear glock’s noises in balcony..
my guards take ’em with them A.K.s
like they were nothing more than a jackass..
high on my hash..full on my cash..
like a stardome baby..everywhere are flash..
versace in almirah..i dont keep things as stash..

Rolex gold chain..forgot in the plane..
called Marini..to make the same again..
Bentley continental lined up in the lane..
Black wood inside..dont carry a stain..
You haters out there..why dont you use your fuckin brain..

don’t u see these 6’5” guards..you messin me again..

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I am Saurabh Jindal, the show runner at Wotpost. I am a content marketing professional who have helped some big names in their journey of content. I have been following memes from a decade and love to be a part of pop cult. Hanging out with friends and doing all things hip-hop is my favorite pastime.