Indian-memes What are memes and why do you need to know about them?

What are memes and why do you need to know about them?

A few years back, if someone would have asked me what are memes, I would have answered that it was a term coined by Richard Dawkins in one of his theories, where he compared it with a gene. But now if someone asks me this question I smirk and say “Yeh Kahan meme hai, ye to Zindagi hai”. Those who are not living under the rock would know that this is one of the most famous lines spoken by Biswa in one of his stand-ups which became a viral meme, some time ago.

What are memes

I am sorry if my reference made you scratch your head, I know most of the people who have not been familiar with the meme world have trouble understanding all the references other people commonly put out while talking. It feels like all of those people are just conspiring against you, laughing and saying about something you do not know.

But do not worry, it is happening with many people who are new to the internet culture. And if you missed the stand-up, you can watch it on youtube and even visit to grab a ticket for the newest stand-up. You can also grab a BookMyShow coupon from and avail an exciting discount on any expensive ticket.

They make you laugh

Memes are the modern-day jokes. They are like one-liners that make you laugh. Mmes can be gifs, pictures, and even just one line texts that go viral because many people find them funny and interesting. The fun fact is that these memes are a common trend that both millennials and GenZ’s love. This trend has brought together both generations in a very subtle way.

Funny cat

While millennials like sarcastic humour GenZ are more into self-deprecating and dank humoru. There are different types of memes that provide a variety of humour. The best thing about meme humour is that it is extremely free, there are various websites, you can use it to create new memes with great ease and without any cost.

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You can relate with people

All the daily life happenings movie lines, hilarious one-liners, tweets, and everything that is witty, relatable and acknowledged by a group or community of like-minded people is called a meme. When Biswa said Yeh Kahan dark hai yeh to Zindagi hai, we felt it.

And that is why this phrase got viral. It not just made Biswa popular but gave something that people could relate to. When they felt empathized with, a hilarious reaction broke the internet. People started using this phrase, changed it, moulded it and referred to it at various places. More people got to know about it, related to it and passed it on. This formed a never-ending chain and that is how we remember BIswa Kalyan Rath now.

Help you improve your social media game

When you are meme literate, it means that you have a good know-how of what is going on over webspace. When you know the popular references, you can improve your social media game in no time. Through memes, you can establish an emotional connection with your audience and engage them to gain popularity. It thus counts as a very clever way of social media marketing. So, if you want to engage and find a like-minded audience for your business, spread memes about your brand and services and see your business flourish with light speed.

What are memes

Memes have become a huge part of blogging as well. Now bloggers have started giving references to various memes in their content which makes them more cool and approachable. Memes give life to an otherwise boring and unreadable blog. So if you are into content marketing you can up your game by adding some interesting memes to your content.

Give knowledge in a simpler way

Memes are not just small packages of humour, they also provide knowledge in a very subtle and interesting way. When you browse through different social media platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest or any other, you see a lot of images that give you the know-how of all the latest happenings, these images are easy to absorb, very light on your mind and tell you about the latest happenings all over the world.

Memes are the best type of matter present on the internet. Be it marketing, social media engagement increasing your crowd base or anything else, you can use memes for quite a lot of purposes. It is necessary that you have a good knowledge of memes if you are someone who works on the internet because you can find their references in all areas of life.

What are memes

So when in Rome why not do what Romans do? So we must stay updated with the latest happenings because “humour bhi toh zaruri hai!” So to make sure that you do not miss out another movie reference, book your movie tickets from Paytm. Now, you need not worry about the expenses as has all the discounts here for you. To grab a discount on your next ticket get active Paytm movie ticket coupons at Couponscurry website and enter the meme world like a queen.


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