Are you searching for a creative way to promote your business? Have you considered custom jackets?

Custom-printed t-shirts are an effective advertising tool.

T shirt customization is inexpensive and an effective way to promote your business.

Every time a customer wears the custom shirt in public, you are getting free advertising.

While there is nothing wrong with sticking to t shirt customization, have you considered taking your advertising strategy up a notch?

Short and long-sleeved tees are not the only clothing items you can customize.

Why You Should Consider Branded Jackets

Yes, custom jacket printing will cost more than graphic tees.

However, the extra expense can pay off. You will often see a boost in sales. Using jackets as giveaways to staff and loyal customers is also an effective way of marketing your business.

Not everyone pays attention to the graphics on a tee shirt. There are simply too many graphic tees on the market.

Some days, it can seem like everyone is wearing a shirt promoting their favorite brand, a meaningful saying, or simply a silly graphic image.

The popularity of custom tees can make the apparel difficult to stand out. This means you may not be getting your money’s worth out of a tee-shirt advertising campaign.

Jackets are different. The right graphic design can turn an ordinary coat into a statement piece.

Best of all, sometimes you have more options for customizing a jacket compared to a short or long-sleeved shirt.

You may also be able to use a larger design on a jacket. Most back jacket panels are noticeably larger than a shirt.

Before Choosing a Jacket Style Consider Your Budget

You probably already have a good idea of what you can afford. Most businesses hammer out their advertising budgets early in the year.

While you do not want to blow the entire budget on a single marketing strategy, you should be prepared to spend a significant amount on custom jacket printing.

Why are custom jackets more expensive than tees?

The higher costs are due to the larger designs. In general, jackets also cost more than tee shirts even in retail stores.

However, there are some ways you can lower the costs.

Consider the type of jacket. Instead of going with heavy winter coats, think about a lighter spring or fall jacket.

You still have plenty of space for printing only at a lower cost.

Something else to consider is your staff and customers’ tastes and preferences. Most people are picky when it comes to their jackets. While they are usually willing to compromise their tastes a bit on a free lightweight jacket. Very few shoppers are willing to let someone else pick out their winter coat.

The goal of your marketing campaign is for people to wear your branded jackets, not toss the coats in a closet or giveaway bin.

Design Placement

Most graphic coats have larger designs on the back, saving the front for small logos.

You can even use the sleeves for branding. Just remember to keep your design tasteful.

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