It is often true that we now take for granted the cars we drive as so many people have at least one vehicle. There is a lot to being that owner though, repairs and maintenance included, to keep it running well for as long as you need it to. When it comes to the end of its life you can call in a cash for cars Ipswich business to take it to a scrap yard. When you are looking after the car prior to that then it helps to understand the vital parts of the car.

Important parts the vehicle needs to run


This is what takes the power the engine generates and moves to the wheels. It controls that power and is a vital part. Not enough power and the vehicle will not move and too much and it will just spin.


One of the most important parts it is what gives the car the power to move. There are different types but basically the fuel combusts and that creates energy and that is then used to move the car.

Fuel System

This is the system that moves the fuel in the car to make it run. It is made up of an injector, a fuel tank and a fuel pump. For the car engine to work correctly all three parts need to be in good shape.

Tyres and Wheels

Without them a car would not move! The power sent by the transmission goes to the axle which is connected to the wheels. As the axle turns the wheels turn. The wheels have rubber tyres on them to protect them. When a car reaches the end of its life if the wheels are still in good shape it is a part a car removal Ipswich business will remove to re-use when they pick up the car.

Electrical Components

These are all the electrical parts that make the electrical components work such as the wiring harness, battery, alternator and switches.


This creates the electricity that the above electrical system needs to work. With the engine on, it spins the alternator which produces that power.

Exhaust System

The spent gases when the fuel is burned in the engine need to be removed. That is what the exhaust system does, made up of the muffler and some piping. If this system is falling apart and it is becoming too costly to fix this and other issues you would call a cash for cars Ipswich service.

Braking System

This is an essential part of slowing the car and coming to a stop. It is made up of rotors, brake lines, the brakes and a master cylinder.


These are some of the main components of a vehicle and when they are not kept in good shape it impacts the safety of the car and whether it runs. Eventually repairs become less effective and more costly and more frequent and it is time for car removal Ipswich or where you are.

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