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What if I tell you that everyone is suffering from Anxiety? You are just more aware about it. It is not the anxiety that is causing you trouble, it is your constant worry about getting the next panic attack. It is your constant worry of what if your heart start pacing again. What if you feel that pounding heart in your chest again.

Have you ever thought what if that never happens? Or when it happened the last time, did you also notice that nothing major happened to you except you being fearing the situation at that time.

So, remember anxiety is just an emotion, it is not that powerful to cause you any big problem, you will live and you will be fine and happy!

Sometimes the best way to control something is to not control it. Take for example, a simple emotion of laughter. The more you will try to control it, the longer you will laugh.

Thus, this is an emotion like any other emotion. Then why are you scared of it?

You are not scared of laughing, until you are in a serious gathering.

You need to accept it. You need to accept it as just another emotion you have discovered. I know it is not as easy as it sounds. But you are stronger than that. Your willpower is a lot stronger than what you think about yourself.

If your life will become completely comfortable, comfort will lose it value. You will get bored of it. You crave for it only because it keeps coming n going.

Thus, having a little bit of uncomfortable is also important to keep our lives balanced.

I have gone through what doctors describe as ‘GAD’ i.e. general anxiety disorder meaning when you get anxious for no reason. But in reality, it is not possible. There is always a reason which is causing you anxiety. Something that is bothering you continuously but you choose to ignore it. Because you can’t do anything about it.

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More than pills, what works best is spending quality time with people you trust. People who you know will take care of you. Conversing is a beautiful therapy. Music is a relaxing therapy.

We always mess up our head by worrying about things that may happen. This is where positive thinking comes into picture.

You must have heard of the term ‘happy go lucky‘. There is nothing like it. The point is if you are happy, then all the positive thoughts will surround you and you will be motivated as opposed to be feared to take certain actions. They are less fearful because they think more often about the positive outcome of their actions.

Fear, worry, they are all emotions which are essential from time to time. If you don’t know what fear is you wouldn’t be able to enjoy in an amusement park at all. The only thing that may make you feel something is the wind falling on your face on those rides. Imagine how life will be without those emotions.

Don’t you think it is important to embrace these emotions as well whenever they occur. Respect those emotions as oppose to trying to get rid away from them.

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The more you will try to run away and control yourself, the more it will be troublesome(imagine controlling laughter). So, accept that emotion and enjoy it. Enjoy how it makes you feel.

It is really important to have a healthy lifestyle. If you cannot go for work outs for any excuses that you give to yourself. The least you could do for yourself is choose a healthy diet. Drink plenty of water. Keep your stomach and gut healthy. These are some of the natural ways to keep your stomach healthy. There is direct connection of your stomach and your mind. So eat healthy, live healthy.

Though there is no comparison if you can take out some time for yourself everyday in which you can jog, exercise, meditate (do not underestimate the power of meditation), meet friends/families etc. It is extremely important to take out sometime for yourself everyday, without fail.

What you do in that time is the decision you will have to take. And everyone is capable and smart enough to make that decision.

Check out these natural ways to maintain your calm in those situations.

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I was recently listening to a talk where one very successful lady was talking about how she does an yearly audit of her friends.

She creates a list and then put them in two different baskets. One who brings positivity around her and the other who always start their discussion with negativity and who are always worried about what is happening in their lives.

She chooses to spend more time with people who brings out her positive side while less time with the other group. Yes, this does sound really selfish! But if every one follows this, the world will be a happier place.

If someone is happy, that does not mean he/she is not facing any bad times in their lives. Everyone has their own set of problems. They just choose to handle it differently.

Fill your life with positive words. Instead of reciting mantras in Sanskrit of which you don’t understand the meaning, recite positive words that you understand. Feel those words, close your eyes and picture yourself in those beautiful places.

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Follow these simple steps, the next time when you find yourself in that unwanted situation:

Identify those people, circumstances which gives you anxiety and identify them well. You don’t have to follow a defense mechanism while dealing with it again. You have to follow an ‘acceptance‘ policy.

Stay true to yourself. If you are dealing with a person, give him clear picture and set his expectations straight. Don’t let his life/behavior bother you. You decide for yourself what you want to accept and what you don’t.

If you are dealing with a situation, figure out the root cause of that. Try to solve that situation as opposed to running away from it. You don’t have to rush. Just be calm with yourself. Everything will take its due course of time. Just because you want it to happen now, it won’t. So, analyze the situation carefully and give it proper time and resources carefully.

Recite positive words, listen to calming music, sing a song, remember the times you were happy or the people who make you happy, talk to someone. Talking to your friends and families is a very beautiful therapy. It will relieve you and will bring so much peace in you.

Don’t hold grudges, let it out.

We are all humans with emotions. Let us deal with ourselves like that.


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