These Diwali gift hampers by Quicklly are tailor-made with bespoke offerings, festive treats and traditional mithai to suit the giftee’s palate.

Everyone knows that a get-together in an Indian household must begin and end with decadent sweets – I don’t make the rules. To help you raise a toast to every bite and celebrate a ‘ghar jaisi Diwali’ in the US, Quickly, the nation’s largest online store for Indian food, groceries, and specialty products offers authentic Indian Diwali gift hampers that delight your loved ones with a sweet sensory surprise. 

Dig in to lose yourself in a well-earned sugar coma.

Almond House Diwali Special Dry Fruit Mithai Combo (Small)

Share the joy of Indian sweets with the Almond House Diwali Special Dry Fruit Mithai Combo. This delightful hamper is directly shipped from India to your doorstep, ensuring you savor the true taste of home.

Inside this Diwali gift hampers discover a collection of indulgent treats that evoke emotions and traditions. From the classic Kaju Burfi, brimming with the flavors of home, to the Date Nut Bar, a fusion of cherished family recipes – every bite tells a story.

Explore a sense-delighting range of premium dry fruits, including cashews, almonds, and raisins. Complementing the sweetness, Salted Pista adds a satisfying crunch.

Inside the box:

  • Kaju Burfi
  • Date Nut Bar
  • Cashews
  • Almonds
  • Raisins
  • Salted Pista

(The medium and large size box is also available). Visit Quicklly’s online store to explore more items and offers from Almond House. 

Assorted Indian Sweets Gift Hamper by Mithaas 

Mithaas is renowned for its delectable and diverse range of Indian sweets. Their Assorted Indian Sweets Gift Hamper is packed with Indian flavors that hits right to your sweet spots and how! 

This delightful assortment includes classics like Kaju Roll, Mawa Barfi with unique delicacies like Kaju Katli and Peda. Each sweet is carefully crafted to perfection, ensuring a burst of flavor in every bite. 

The box includes:

  • Kesar Paan Roll
  • Sangam Barfi
  • Kaju Pista Roll
  • Melon Ball
  • Dhuda Barfi
  • Anjeer Roll

The Bakalava Box Special Diwali Izhaar Gift Box

The Baklava Box’s exquisite Diwali gift hampers are thoughtfully designed for a delightful celebration. Inside, you’ll find luxurious chocolate baklavas, a blend of sweet and nutty; the orange chocolate offers a zesty twist with a burst of citrusy delight.

Mixed Dry Fruits, a classic Diwali 2023 choice, showcase the finest assortment of nuts, while Flavoured Cashews and Almonds add a unique twist, tantalizing your taste buds.

Adding to the excitement is the premium Diwali-themed packaging.

Inside the box:

  • Orange Chocolate
  • Mixed Dry Fruits
  • Flavored Cashew
  • Flavored Almond

Sweedesi Diwali Special Utsav Combo

Double your Diwali 2023 spirits with the Sweedesi Sweets Diwali Special Utsav Combo, an assortment of Indian sweets directly sourced from regional vendors across India and delivered right to your doorstep in the US.

Indulge in the rich and succulent Anjeer Roll, a delicacy famed for its lusciousness. The Strawberry Kaju Katli and Kiwi Kaju Katli infuse a fruity twist into the festivities, offering a symphony of flavors. To add an extra layer of joy, the Roasted Dry Fruit Laddu combines wholesome goodness with a delectable taste.

These sweets are procured from their respective Indian regions, where they are cherished for their unique flavors and culinary craftsmanship. With these Diwali gift hampers you get to savor the very best of Indian decadence, making your Diwali celebrations authentically delicious and nostalgic. 

Inside the box:

  • Anjeer Roll
  • Strawberry Kaju Katli
  • Kiwi Kaju Katli
  • Roasted Dry Fruit Laddu

Agra Regional Sweets by Sweedesi Sweets

Sweedesi Sweets brings the flavors of Agra’s regional sweets to your doorstep with their exclusive Diwali gift hampers. These sweets are handcrafted by skilled confectioners in Agra and shipped directly from Agra’s best sweet shop to your doors. 

From the exquisite Petha to the mouthwatering Dalmoth, these regional delicacies are sure to transport your taste buds to the heart of Agra. 

Inside the box:

  • Pan Petha
  • Dry Petha
  • Kaju Dalmoth
  • Plain Dalmoth

Laumiere Diwali Special Collection – Rectangle

Laumiere Premium Sweets is known for its commitment to using only 100% natural ingredients. Their handcrafted dried fruit Diwali sweets are made using dried fruits, honey, berries, and alikearts. 

The handcrafted process guarantees a sensory experience that is truly extraordinary. These artisanal sweets come in beautiful festive-themed boxes and gold-toned packs, making them a top-shelf item for your gift-giving. 

The box includes:

  • Greetings
  • Kesar Pista Barfi
  • Matka Barfi
  • Badam Berry Blast

The Sweedesi Diwali Special Shahi Sweets Hamper

The Sweedesi Diwali Special Shahi Sweets Hamper is a delightful and luxurious collection of Indian sweets that’s perfect for celebrating the festival of Diwali. This special hamper is thoughtfully curated with a variety of traditional and royal sweets that are bound to bring joy to your Diwali celebrations. What makes this hamper special? Read below!

The box includes:

  • Chocolate Chip Laddu
  • Very Berry Delight
  • Rose Petal Laddoo
  • Ferrero Roccher Laddoo

Diwali 2023 hampers are not just a collection of snacks and sweets; they emote the love and warmth we share with our loved ones. These hampers are carefully curated with a selection of indulgent items that reflect the rich and diverse flavors of India. 

From traditional Indian sweets to savory snacks, these hampers bring nostalgia, fun, and a whole lot of love this festive season.

Happy Diwali Gifting! 

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