Lifestyle Tokenz review: Take your home décor a notch above

Tokenz review: Take your home décor a notch above

Let me introduce you to a new website called Tokenz. This website is full of varied yet interesting stuff! But before, I’d like to share a little story with you about how I landed on this website.

tokenz logo

So, it was a Wednesday morning, I woke up late due to the tiring Monday and Tuesday at work. My wife was already in the kitchen making something delicious for breakfast. I checked the time and found out that I only have half an hour left to get ready and leave for the office on time.

I took a shower and went to the balcony to hang my towel (yup, I am not one of those who leave their towel on the bed :D). It was a windy day, and my towel started fluttering the moment I hung it. By the time I could find a clip, it flew and landed on the Shiv Pariwar idol kept outside right on the flower pot. I rushed and picked up the towel. Along came the Shiv Pariwar, which fell and broke (well, it was made of marble).

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After receiving some backlash from my wife, we decided to buy metal idol this time, and that’s when our search began to find the right website where I could find perfectly carved metal idols.

We decided to look for something made out of brass.

tokenz banner

Brass is a very interesting metal, it gives a very sophisticated, bohemian and modern look and feels to anything wherever it is used. But the problem with metal architecture is, it is very difficult to find properly carved out figurines. So, our research went a little deep and that is when I discovered Tokenz.

This website doesn’t just have metal idols but a lot of other chic and unique stuff that ranges from paintings to jewelry and accessories, food items and some selections that they have filtered based on the occasions.

I wanted to buy 1 but bought 3! So, here’s a quick summary of what all I had bought along with the review of my experience right from ordering to receiving and unboxing the package.

Ordering and unboxing

Though right now there are a lot of varieties to be added in certain sections on Tokenz(especially the jewelry), still, you wouldn’t walk out of this website without buying anything. I shortlisted 3 items, 2 brass figures (Shiv Pariwar and a Laxmi idol holding a Diya) and a pack of premium coffee biscuits.

The website is very nicely designed, it has a very clean interface along with actual images. The images are almost exactly what you receive in your order. On top of that, they accept all forms of payments methods like credit card, debit card, net banking, wallets, etc.

Within 3-4 days, we received our order (check out the unboxing video below)! It was very tightly packed to not cause any damage to the items in a hard carton box. If I have to give Tokenz review in one line, it was nice!

Shiva idol

First, I unboxed the shiva idol made from brass. It was a whole family of lord shiva including Shiv, Parvati, Ganesh and Kartika. It was an amazing and beautiful idol of the Lord shiva family, exactly what I needed!

Laxmi idol

My second item was the Laxmi idol. It was the result of my impulse buying. Well, one interesting highlight of this figure is, that it is not exactly a Laxmi idol, but a Laxmi holding a Diya. We thought to replace our traditional old-fashioned Diya with this one!

When the Diya is lit in her palms, it looks so pretty in our temple!

laxmi idol from tokenz

Coffee biscuits

At last, I unboxed the coffee biscotti. I have never eaten a biscuit so light, soft and fresh yet so crispy! From packing to its taste, it was amazing. The biscotti were fresh and good in quality. The only issue was, I think some of them got broken in transit. But overall, I liked it.

Coffee biscuits from Tokenz

These were some of the items that I had purchased. Now, it is your turn to visit them and find out what suits your style. They have a huge range of paintings for every budget along with lots of other stuff which wouldn’t just beautify your surroundings but would look really cool if you choose to gift them to your loved ones! We will wait to see your Tokenz review in the comments section!

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