Cycling is an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, maintain your weight and stay healthy. When you’re new to biking, the sport can be intimidating. With so many riding categories, bicycle types and gear options, some beginners have trouble deciding where to start. Whether you’re interested in mountain biking, commuting to work or selecting the best ebike for beginners, the process shouldn’t be challenging. Here are some helpful suggestions for people new to cycling.

tips for biking

Find a bicycle that fits

You can choose any style of bike for riding, but finding a model that fits your body type, purpose for biking, and personal style makes the experience more enjoyable. First, determine the type of cycling that appeals to you before browsing for bikes. Are you using the bike for commuting, or are you interested in trail riding? For casual riding, you can check out beginner cruiser bikes or look at electric models. Next, look at bicycles in your category and pick a few to try out. For taller riders, longer-framed bikes are more comfortable. Petite riders are suited for models with smaller frames and shorter handle lengths.

Practice in low-traffic areas

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After finding the ideal bike, find a safe area to practice away from vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Parking lots of closed businesses, quiet neighborhoods with wide streets and beginner bike trails are perfect locations to practice your technique and become familiar with your bike. Practice for a few hours and verify that your new bike does not need adjustments or additional repairs before venturing into a busy street.

Be careful around automobiles

Whenever you’re sharing the road with automobiles, you have to be aware of your surroundings at all times. Although pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way in most situations, some motorists disregard the rules and show little respect for anyone on the road. Handling aggressive and irate drivers is, unfortunately, part of being a rider on a public street. Look out for vehicles turning left in front of you or running a stop sign; those two scenarios result in more injuries to riders than any other. Be patient on the road and maintain your temperament when a driver yells or cuts you off.

Avoid digital distractions

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You’ve probably seen riders using their phones or blasting music into their headphones while riding down the street. Travel music is a nice accompaniment to a relaxing ride, but try to remove your headphones when you’re dealing with traffic. Digital distractions can be hazardous for cyclists, drivers and walkers. Keep your phone secure in a backpack or storage bag and enjoy your ride without interference from the digital world.

Work on your endurance

Eventually, you’ll be able to travel farther and faster on your new bike with enough practice. Whether you own a women’s around the block model or a high-performance racer, your riding experience benefits from improving your endurance.

Bring a friend

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When you’re developing a cycling routine, it helps to have a companion to motivate you. Bring along a friend or family member to make your daily ride more pleasant.

Purchase safety gear and tools

Purchasing safety gear and tools is vital for safe riding. A helmet, padded shorts or pants, a portable pump and a portable light for riding are a few essential items to pick up. Check your local laws for information about safety regulations for cyclists before riding on busy streets.

Joining the world of cycling is an unforgettable adventure that you’re sure to continue for several years. Visit a qualified online distributor for supplies and head out for a ride.

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