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10 Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

Breakups are never easy, regardless of what caused the breakup. So, it’s okay to stay in bed for a day or two to wallow and try to cry the pain out. Though it’s important to start life over as soon as possible. And you can find some useful “how to get over a breakup” tips here.

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Symptoms of a Broken Heart

When the relationship ends it is often time to deal with what is called a “broken heart”. The symptoms can differ from person to person. Here are some of the most common ones: depression, red irritated eyes, sudden increase or decrease of appetite, anxiety, absence of interest in what was important before, and general tiredness or fatigue.

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When a person loses someone close, they need time before they return to normal life. You never know how long the process takes, it’s rather individual. However, try not to stay in such a state for too long as you need to get up and keep on living again.

Being active is living. Being occupied is living. Keeping busy and doing staff – is living. The hardest step is the first one, and nothing else matters as soon as it’s done. You come first here. Now your concern is only on You and your well-being.

10 Tips For Coping With a Broken Heart

Getting over a bad breakup is very stressful and hard. Sometimes you might feel that you are losing yourself. So, it is advisable to think of what was taken from you in the relationship and fill your life with it.

Write a list of things that make you happy, something you have always dreamed of. It’s high time to make yourself more attractive. Here are some examples:

  •   Sports. It can help to release any tension or stress you have been experiencing since the breakup. The human brain contains special chemicals, which are called endorphins, they relieve pain and stress. They are created while the person is exercising. 

Have you ever gone for a morning run and then felt much better and happier? That’s the work of endorphins in your body.  Morning exercise will activate your body and distract you from anxious thoughts. Running in the morning can boost your energy for the day and help to stay active.

  •   Team sports. Playing games such as tennis, football, volleyball, etc. can help not only by exercising but also by socializing: being among people, communicating, and having fun.
  •   Yoga comes number three on the list. It can be a good stretching exercise, but it includes something more: breathing practice and meditation help to calm the brain and the body. It helps to center the mind, catch the flow of thoughts and stop it when led elsewhere.
  •   Boxing is for those who feel a lot of pressure and tension. It can be useful in the stage of dealing with anger. Taking up boxing classes will help cope with what you are feeling. If you don’t have time for extra classes you can always hit a pillow in your room.
  •   Having some family-friends quality time. As it’s time to move on, you’d better meet people and be with those who love and support you. Enjoy every moment of this time with your loved ones as they are the closest people you have. You can ask your friends out, watch a movie, have dinner together, or eat out. Keep busy and try to avoid staying alone.
  •   Arts and crafts or DIY. Even though you are not a painter or an artist you can also learn to do things with your hands. Take some art classes or simply try to make something silly with a YouTube video. Let your imagination flow and you will find yourself in the middle of discovering your inner artist.
  •   If you are one of those who like to move their bodies – dancing is what you need. There are different dances, make sure you find something you like and just give it a try.
  •   Learn something new. The purpose is to focus your attention on something different rather than suffering over the breakup. It can be anything: some cooking courses, learning a new language, roller skating or surfing if that’s your case.

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  •   Take care of yourself. Go to some Spa salon, change your hairstyle or have your nails done. No matter what you choose, show your body that you love it and that you care for it. Give yourself the love that you deserve.
  •   Go shopping. Many adults right now consider shopping as one of their best ways of entertainment and a chance to unwind or escape from the routine. Ask your friends to come along or do it on your own – it’s up to you. You can buy yourself a present or renew your seasonal clothes. You deserve it!
  •   Dating site. Dating sites can help take your mind off a hard breakup. Once you create a profile on a dating site, you will feel like a single and be able to meet local singles in your area. It will distract you from idealizing your former partner. Perhaps you will meet your new love.

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What To Do When You Want Your Ex Back

When time passes our brain tends to forget the negative things and focuses only on the positive ones, so this is where a lot of people make the same mistakes and try to contact their ex-partners.

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Remember, you are not going to move on if you keep getting back to the memories of your life together and checking their Instagram or Facebook pages. Yes, the digital era is playing a bad joke on us here.

Avoid the “friendly hanging outs” just with the two of you. Cuddling, spending a night together in one bed, and too much emotional conversation can make you think about a chance of getting back together. There isn’t a “rapid breakup recovery”, just accept it.

Be honest with yourself, and decide whether you miss a person, your life together, and your plans. Let yourself grief and accept the loss, only then can you move on.

Tips for Getting Over a Breakup

The thing is that after a breakup there suddenly appears a lot of free time, and the problem is that people don’t know what to do with these free hours that bolt from the blue. So, anything you do is much better rather than staying in bed for weeks, immersing yourself deeper and deeper into depression, and finding it hard to start over.

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Remember if you constantly feel sad or depressed you might need to consider another way of dealing with it – working with a psychologist or a therapist. It is important to have a person you can talk to and who wouldn’t judge no matter what you tell them.


Of course, it’s not going to be easy. And no matter how busy you are, the pain and that awful feeling of solitude might show up again, but it is important to see it, feel it, respect it and then let it go. Don’t let it absorb you. Find things that make you happy again, something that helps you relive, dream and love when you are ready.

It’s important to realize that the life around you never stopped, it goes on, people are living, the time is running, and you should move on as well.

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