Bust a Rhyme The way she loved back..!!

The way she loved back..!!

She’s full with attitude

Tryin to act rude..
But i could read her eyes
From her heart She is so nice..
Lookin for somebody who could roll the right dice..
Told her you would get love till my demise..
Even after i die..I will be somewhere up in the sky..
Request god to bless you with rain..which can help you de-tan..
Don’t need to go Beauty parlor..
I will ask god to blow a breeze
Which will treat you with what you get from that lady barber..
But now am alive baby..and u seem completely fine baby..
We make love then you shine baby..
They see us together and get mad
Then they talk shit about us on the back..
But you tell me if anything we lack
Next minute you will be seein’ full stack..
They are meant to hate baby
N we are meant to love daily..
You come close..Your perfume enter through my nose
The moment when my eyes close
All the candle blows..You feel a slight scent of rose..
You like the way our flow goes
We are clickin pictures of us baby makin’ diffrent funny pose..
Every second our love grows..
So much that we need a third person to share with us together
You give birth to our child..we throw party, people gather..
Champagne, Wine and Lager..
Damn i was daydreaming..
Lookin the same girl screaming taxi to catch a flight..
I rush her to say everything right..Damn i get slap so tight..
Like i wanted a fight..
Get back to home turn off the light..
Better be sleepin’ wish me good night…….!!
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