Kuwait is a luxurious vacation destination, one that offers a fun-filled time in its many themed parks, adventure opportunities in the desert sand, and journeys through its changing topography. It is the only country to have theatrical traditions, which attract people from all over the world as part of its heritage and culture.

Enjoy A Lovely Time In Kuwait’s Beautiful Beaches

Kuwait has a fantastic shoreline that is dotted with beautiful beaches with golden sand that is lapped by lovely blue waters. They are the perfect spot to relax with your family on a vacation and offer opportunities to indulge in different water sporting adventures. Opt for Kuwait Airways to reach here and take a break on its beaches with your family.

Pack the necessary items so that your baggage weight is within the Kuwait Airways baggage rules, which offer twenty kilos of free baggage for every passenger to arrive. Here is a look at the top ten beach destinations in Kuwait:

  1. Fintas Beach is a fine place where you can see lovely white sand that is lapped by pristine blue waters. Try walking over the long pier from where you can take beautiful photos of the city; otherwise, step into the shallow beaches, which are lovely to enjoy, but as you step in, you can see that there are lots of pebbles here. It’s got a kids playground; it’s a common sight to see people cooking meat on an outdoor grill here.
  2. You will find the Messilah beach to be one of tranquilly and utmost beauty. It is one of the country’s finest but long private beaches where you can see beautiful landscapes that are perfect for photographing. You can find it offering many opportunities for adults and kids to enjoy different types of water sports. Additionally, it has three large swimming pools, areas for barbequing, and a restaurant where you can enjoy snacks.
  3. Al Khiran Beach lies in the Al Khiran Resort, which is artificially constructed and has many canals. Lined with lovely LM trees, it is a fabulous place to spend time diving, swimming, and snorkeling. Relish snacking at the restaurants here, or perhaps you can pack a picnic basket and enjoy it in any of its lovely picnic areas.
  4. Failaka Beach is located on Failaka Island, which is 20km away from the mainland. Check out the ancient Greek ruins here, or book a room at the Wanasa Resort, where you can enjoy food, entertainment, and numerous facilities. This beach offers opportunities for swimming, sailing, boating, fishing, and various water sports. You can also go on boat rides that take you around the fabulous waters here.
  5. Marina Beach is known for its stunning beauty, with its beautiful sand lapped by clear blue waters. It has a park where you can sit, relax, and enjoy the environment. It is filled with beautiful palm trees and is quite a picturesque place for photographing. Enjoy food in its restaurants and cafes, and there is also a market where you can buy trinkets.
  6. Al Kout Beach is a beautiful white sand beach that offers the best enjoyment through its bright blue waters, where you can swim, dive, snorkel, and also go fishing. Come and relax with a game of beach volleyball or jet skiing; else, go boating or perhaps bring a picnic basket with you. There are eateries where you can enjoy delicious snacks, and the beauty of the beach gives you the opportunity to take lovely photographs.
  7. Movenpick Beach is a beautiful private beach where you can spend quality time with your family. Filled with beautiful palm trees, its sands are best for kids to make castles and adults to enjoy playing beach volleyball. After some time spent in the water, enjoy delicious snacks in the restaurants here, which kids can have in their designated play areas. There is also a market nearby that you can explore.
  8. Egaila Beach is a lovely private beach in Fintas, which lies 20 km south of Kuwait City and is popular with visitors due to its beautiful gardens, palm trees, and spots for barbequing. It’s the perfect place to go picnicking with your family. Since it has so many beautiful plants, it is ideal for taking photographs. It is a place of serenity and one where you can enjoy fabulous sunsets.
  9. Shuwaik Beach is one place that offers perfect spots to spend time with the family. The most stunning feature here is the exotic rock formations, which are a stunning sight. There are a lot of green spaces to enjoy, places for a quiet picnic, and exercise equipment that you can try. If you are seeking a spot to take beautiful photos of the sunset, this beach is perfect for you.
  10. Al Mahboulah Beach is a stunning private beach that offers stunning views of the waters and surrounding landscape. It is a clean, organised area, and the waters offer opportunities for fishing and swimming. The cozy restaurants here offer delicious local food, while the rocky, sandy beach provides a nice pot for taking lovely photos.

The beaches here are the ultimate destination for fun, excitement, refreshment and relaxation. They offer a lovely environment to spend good times with your family during a vacation. Reach Kuwait through comfortable Kuwait Airways flights directly from your country to Kuwait City. Look into Kuwait Airways baggage rules so that you know how much to pack for a vacation here that takes you across ancient sites, shopping malls, museums, parks, and much more.

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