A home-grown, home-made, home-delivered bouquet of products that will leave you spellbound with its simplistic yet flavoursome taste.

Sweet Karam Coffee – the name may give you an impression of a coffee brand, but in reality, it delivers the specialities of Madras (now Chennai) across India and spreads the magic of authentic food flavours with its humongous variety.

sweet karam coffee review

Boasting heavily on unadulterated preparation methods (zero palm oil, zero artificial colours or chemicals), SKC is giving employment to home chefs and producing a large variety of products ranging from cooking oils to spices, dry fruits, sweets and whatnot.

When I visited their website, I couldn’t resist myself with just one packet of filter coffee in my cart. So I added a few more things:

  1. Salted nenthiram chips
  2. Coconut cookies
  3. Oats and raisin cookies
  4. Dried cranberries
  5. Cashews
  6. Classic muesli (with nuts and seeds)
  7. Sambar powder
  8. Rose squash
  9. And of course, 90:10 filter coffee (10% chicory)

sweet karam coffee cookies and cashews

Let me first tell you about the cookies. They are 100% made at home without using fancy equipments, which gives them an authentic taste reminding you of good ol’ times. In the first bite, you may find the cookies a bit flaky and a little hard (compared to the modern ones), but as you chew further, the taste grows on your tongue, and you enjoy the different perfectly balanced flavours.

Cashews were of a decent size and had the right crisp and sweetness. I ordered a small pouch to test if they were worth it. Priced at 1345/- per kg, the quality is decent enough. I have tasted better cashews available in the market, but they are also expensive at the same time.

sweet karam coffee filter coffee 90:10 review

When it comes to filter coffee, they have three different varieties.

  • 100% filter coffee
  • 90:10 filter coffee (10% chicory)
  • 80:20 filter coffee (20% chicory)

I ordered with 10% chicory. Chicory is added to add body to the coffee. Though it is considered an adulterant, but nowadays, it is a common practice to add chicory as it makes coffee more flavorful and gives a rich taste when combined with milk.

The flavour of their filter coffee is way more advanced if you compare it with instant coffee. It is extremely nominally priced, costing only 279/- for a 250-gram packet.

Remember that a filter coffee’s preparation method is different from instant coffee. It is not supposed to be added directly to the milk. You can learn more about how to make filter coffee here.

sweet karam coffee museli

Cornflakes are a thing of the past. Muesli is all the rage now 😆 And it totally makes sense as it is a high fibre, high protein and a much better alternative to cornflakes. When added with the goodness of nuts and seeds, having muesli with milk in the morning is a complete diet. To top it off, add some dried cranberries.

sweet karam coffee cranberries

I also ordered a pack of cranberries. However, they seem sweetened. Usually, cranberries do not taste this sweet until sugar is added. I searched for that information on their website but couldn’t find much. However, their packet claims that it is naturally sourced and handpicked. So, it is possible they could actually be that sweet – NATURALLY.

sweet karam coffee banana chips

I just loved their salted nenthiram chips (or, in simple words, banana chips). Nenthiram or nendram is a type of banana primarily found in south India. These chips are a treat to your taste buds and are made with very few ingredients, including salt, pepper, and bananas. Once you go banana chips, you will never be able to return to potato chips.

Is it really a south Indian shopping if you don’t include sambhar masala in it? You must try SKC’s sambhar masala for its authentic flavour and purity. Nowadays, it is extremely rare to find pure masala in the market. Almost all of them are degraded.

MDH masala ranks on top when it comes to adulteration.

I took a whiff of SKC’s sambhar masala before adding it to my sambhar. And believe me I got high on sambhar. :mrgreen:

sweet karam coffee master image

I love their proposition of bringing the ol’ times back by becoming India’s home food store where everything is homemade with our ancestors’ recipes and simple methods. Most of their packaging is eco-friendly and has extremely minimal use of plastic. Their products are entirely safe to consume.

So if you have been away from your loving city or are craving authentic southern taste, head to SKC and give yourself the treat you deserve.

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