Most people can recognize the country of Canada right upon hearing its name. But even though most people would recognize Canada, they might not know the secret facts that lie under the surface of the country of Canada.

Today, in this article, we are going to discuss some trivia about Canada that’ll blow you out of the water.

1. Facts and Trivia about Canada

When you first hear the name of Canada, lush, green surroundings in the forest and developed cities come to mind. But beneath it all are some suprising facts about this country that remain unnoticed by most people.

This section will be going through those trivia and secrets relevant to the sweet country of Canada.

1.1. The Niagra Falls

The second-largest waterfall in the entire Southern Africa and it is situated right here in Canada. The Niagra Falls are comprised of three waterfalls and are through to be almost 12,000 years old

1.2. The Northern Lights

From different corners of the world, tourists come to mainly check out one thing and that is the Northern Lights. Needless to say, they are nothing less than breathtaking.

1.3. Canadian Coastline

The Canadian Coastline is second to none when it comes to the topic. Having the largest coastline in the world over 240,000 kilometers gives the edge to Canada in the case of tourism.

1.4. Ice Wine

This delicacy is a preparation that is special to Canada. Canadian winters can even drop to a temperature that is below −40 °C. As a result, this gives them to prepare the iced wine that is made of Frozen Grapes.

1.5. Celebrities

Many well-known celebrities who have made a name for themselves in their respective industries hail from this beautiful country. People such as Justin Beiber, Drake, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, and so on were born in Canada. Needless to say, this country has a great prowess of giving birth to superstars.

1.6. Moose

If Canadians were given to determine a symbol of their wildlife, a majority of them would probably propose the moose. That is due to the widespread moose in the Canadian forests. Wherever there is greenery in Canada, you can bet you can spot a moose in there.

1.7. Maple Syrup

Having a literal maple for its flag, it’s no surprise that Canada is the world’s leading exporter of maple syrup. This syrup is used by many Canadians and other Western countries alike for their breakfast. Be it waffles or pancakes, a hint of Maple syrup is sure to boost the taste.

1.8. Vancouver

Vancouver, one of the places in Canada with the most cultural and biological diversity, is home to millions of tourists a year. The snow-tipped mountains and extravagant beaches are bound to attract anyone and everyone.


In conclusion, these trivia facts are bound to amaze any sort of audience. Be it as a conversation starter or just for general knowledge, these trivia facts relevant to Canada are truly one of a kind.

No matter whether you’re Canadian or someone living outside the country, we hope this trivia were awe-inspiring for you. 

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