Sot lagani hai Meaning: And Everything Else You Want To Know About The Rapper Behind The Song

What do you know about Omprakash mishra. Wait! Who is Omprakash mishra and why are we talking about him? And what is this ‘Sot lagani hai’?

If you are searching for any of the above mentioned terms, then you probably came across a rap song, or an Indian meme using such phrases. Which is quite normal as many people would certainly not understand what sot lagani hai means.

In simple terms, it means ‘I want to have sex’. Or ‘I want to fuck’.

If you came here for lyrics translation then keep scrolling until you see the translation. Or, if you want to enjoy knowing a bit about this fellow, then keep reading.

om prakash mishra sot lagani hai

I am sure you must have heard about the recent Indian sensation ‘Dhinchak Pooja’, who with her chiming voice and intelligent lyrics broke the internet. Well, sarcasm is not really my style by I try. I guess that makes my sarcasm more strong as nobody sees it coming 😀 Wonder where she is now, but she certainly irritated the hell out of me.

But hey, all this is mediocre when it comes to mighty Omprakash mishra who fondly describes himself as Oumprakaas misra(at2:40) Even if you don’t know about him but you know his rap, you have come across it somewhere I am sure. Yes! HE is that sot guy. ” Ye sot lagata hai aunty ke” (he fucks aunties) But of course with permission{Bol na aunty aau kya [Aunt, should I come(cum)]}.

If you were living in 3rd world and were not able to come across his solo rap song, check it out below!

1 million is old news, his video is doing 6 million now and still counting. He is the new face of the meme market and giants like AIB are trolling the heck out of him. What else! Carryminati had done a full length review of his track skrrr ‘him’ per se.

And it is the lyrics that got people searching for its meaning.

Check out Sot lagani hai meaning in detail:

bol na auntie aau kya
sot mai lagau kya

Please tell me Aunt, should I come(cum),
should I come and fuck you?

bol na auntie aau kya
ghanti mai bajau kya

Tell me Aunt, should I come,
Should I come and ring your doorbell

auntie dekh tune ye hadh kar rakhi hai
aare gare ka tu leti no meinu kehti hai

Aunt, enough is enough,
You let anyone come and bang you while you say ‘no’ to me

chote chote kapde me duniya tu ghume re,
apne tu baap ke paise ye udaye re
teri to ghanti bajana aauntie meine thani hai,
night me ye dekh meinu sot lagani hai
sot lagani hai

Wearing such short clothes, you roam around the world,
you spend your daddy’s money recklessly,
but I will bang you and I am determined,
in the night time, I will come to fuck you,
I will fuck you.

sunday ko party sunday ko auntie,
auntie ke ghar pe koi nahi hai
daru pe soda sode pe daru auntie ka figure hai fadu
auntie ka ye game bajana 12 `o` 12`o` clock ko aana
12`o` 12`o` clock ko dark dark night ko,

You are going for a party on a Sunday,
There is no one at your home now,
You are drinking pegs after pegs, while your figure is getting even more seductive,
I will bang this Aunt, who comes at home at 12 in the morning,
12 in the morning, when it is still dark.

auntie ki ghanti bjata dekh puri night ko
sot me lagata auntie dekh bada fast slowly slowly,
mat kehna image ki hai baat
tera tala meri chabi ek night ki hai baat,
man ja aunty sun le meri baat

I will bang this aunt the entire night,
I will bang you thrusting really fast,
don’t ask me to do it slowly as others will start judging me,
let me put my key(dick) in your lock(pussy)
I will fuck only for this night
Listen to me Aunt just for once

tune to ye kaam dekh fit kar rakha hai,
9 mahine ke baad ek angel fix rakha hai
dekh ke javani teri jhatka meinu lgta hai,
neeche wala dekh mera saltue tenu karta hai

you have really sorted out your life,
after 9 months you are going to produce a baby,
I am shoot after seeing your hotness,
my dick is erect and in a way it is saluting you.

konsi chakki ka auntie aata tu ye khati hai
itna mast figure tu kaise ye banati hai
din me 10 baar dekh tu marwati hai
call kar dekh meine ghar pe bulati hai
ulte seedhe kaam dekh mujhse karwati hai

which type of food do you eat Aunt,
how have you maintained such nice figure,
you definitely be getting banged 10 times a day,
that is why you are calling me to your home,
and ask me to do all the weird things

na kahu to dekh tu lalachati hai
kehti tu ye khol dena chocobaar chusna hai
jawani ka sara maja dekh mujhe lutna hai
din me 10 baar dekh mujhko marwana

if i say ‘no’ to your desires, you get even more excited,
then ask me to unzip because you want to lick the choco bar,
then you tell me, ”that you want all the pleasures of adulthood”
so fuck me 10 times a day at least

More about Omprakash mishra

See, what I could figure out, his stage name is Elshortie (sotboi)! Issh yo boi Sotboi! This the link to his YouTube channel which goes by name Rap king. Whats more interesting is to know that this name was not taken by anyone else before.

sot lagani hai meme

Apparently, what I came to know over internet, this sensation has given an audition in Indian Idol. He may have been ridiculed at that time on stage, but he sure is an Indian idol now uhhhh……….

Exciting news is there is season 2 coming up of this song. Its Okay, I wasn’t expecting this face after you have read this. While I was getting happy about how my post about Irrfan khan’s dank memes is surely helping people to create Irrfan khan memes creator, Our sot guy was slowly becoming internet sensation on the other side.

He is one of those artists who got late success in his life. Though, his song came out in the end of 2015, it only got recognition in 2017. There is surely an interesting lesson from this, never give up. One day, people will buy your shit, literally! 😐

And I wasn’t joking when I wrote the above para about 2 years ago, he is already featuring in a MTV show popular among generation z.

You must also check out this guy who recently got viral. His name is Shahid alvi sid Or,should I ask have you came across the nagarpalika video. Yes! He is that same guy.


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