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How to make your short beard or stubble soft and smooth

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Since past couple of years, keeping a beard is really in fashion. It started off with very short beard often described as stubble and now grown to full length neatly groomed beard. While small beard(stubble) gives you an itchy & sharp surface which keeps little kids and your girl away from you. While longer beards comes with its own set of issues.

After all, men’s fashion has very small list of fashion accessories and thus beard is one of it.

Growing beard can get really difficult for some men. Some of the men are unable to grow facial hair in optimum amount, some are not able to grow in all the required areas of their face while some doesn’t know how to control and give direction to their growing facial hair. Thus, it becomes a very difficult and time consuming effort to grow a neat, nice looking beard which will blow hearts of a lot of women and would add to the sex appeal. But I am not going to discuss how to grow beard in this post.


However, I tried keeping long beard once and it was not a pleasant experience for me. I am still suffering from the itch that it left me on both the end of my lips. And let me tell you that I am a person who really takes care of the hygiene around him. I used to shampoo and oil my beard daily. The issue was not because of the long beard I sported. It was because of that stage in which my beard was growing and was just long enough to cause an itch on my phase.

The itch that we normally experience when our beard is longer occurs because of the sharp and hard edges. They keep poking our sensitive face and thus causing the itch. We scratch that surface which make it dry. And when this scratching becomes a regular thing, it leaves our skin dry on certain spots and thus leaving an allergy.

For instance, my usual beard style is this:

beard style saurabh jindal

   I grew my beard to this:

beard style saurabh jindal

I got the beard shape I wanted but it costed me because I wasn’t well aware of all the hygiene elements. Hence, if you are choosing to keep a beard irrespective of the size, make sure your skin gets all the nutrients and doesn’t dry off like that.

Anyhow, I apply Lacto Calamine on my face where I feel the itch and red patch. It has proven to give some relief to me so far. You can also opt for the small bottle of it if facing a similar issues.  This product is available for different skin types. Consult your barber to know which skin type is yours. Mine is ‘Normal to dry skin’.

But that is a cure to the problem. We need to talk about a prevention in this post, don’t we?

That being said, I have found out a solution for how you can smoothen those harsh edges of your beard by making the edges blunt and thus less hurtful. I know your girlfriend has  been complaining about it and how it scrapes off her skin whenever you try to go little above ‘just kissing’ her. This sudden reaction from her has got you here and now you want that solution too.

Not just girlfriend, you yourself don’t want to look like an ass scratching your beard all the time.

It is a very simple mechanism of using a sandpaper. Not just any sandpaper which often are used for smoothing walls or sharpening blades etc. That may scrape off your skin with the beard. Probably a ‘320 grit sandpaper might just do the job for you. And I must thank alpha m for hacking this out. He is a famous YouTuber so you can check out his more videos.

All you have to do is, fold the sand paper to fit your palm and gently massage it on your beard. Just like you apply face wash. After maybe 5-6 repitions, you will feel the smooth surface. It wont make your facial hairs smooth like that of puppy but will be enough blunt that your woman will not run away from you anymore.

And if you think that I am fooling around that why hasn’t any company already made a product out of it and launched it. Well, that is also there, just in case your pocket is too heavy to spend more buck for the same shit.

If you want to search for that product that can probably help do the same thing is called The soft goat Not sure if you can order this product in India. If you are not able to order it, you know what to do – Buy a 320 grit sandpaper and that is all.

For full instructions, you can watch this video and learn how to do that and also understand how much does this so-called product ‘The soft goat’ is helpful. This fellow has a done a review of the product as well as the sandpaper.


So, go out impress women, with not the close shave that used to work back in 90s, but a smooth stubble. Do share your thoughts and your experience after using the sand paper or this product.


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