Indian-memes Rinkiya Ke Papa Memes And Why It Went Viral

Rinkiya Ke Papa Memes And Why It Went Viral

Rinkiya ke papa is a song by the famous Bhojpuri singer ‘Manoj Tiwari’ which was released on Apr 3, 2012 as a part of the Bhojpuri song album ‘Uparwali Ke Chakkar Mein’. The song immediately was on the top of the charts particularly in regions of Bihar, UP and Jharkhand due to the popularity of the singer.

The song has over 28 million views so far on YouTube.


Several years after its release, the song again got back in trend during 2018 when meme creators started using the funny lines of the song to create memes.

Mostly used as ‘Rinkiya ke papa’ or written as ‘He-he-he has deni Rinkiya ke papa’. The line from the song is used to mock any given situation and turn any particular situation into a hilarious one.

Meaning of the meme

The lyrics of the song translates to “Father of Rinki got slapped, yet there were sounds of laughter”. So, it is used in context of two parties, in which one is getting slapped and the other is taking pleasure out of it. Almost, all the video memes were made using the same idea.

Also, because of the song’s quirky lyrics and beats, it became a common joke to refer to this song to be too good (in a sarcastic way). Since, such songs are considered cheap and thus do not really appeal to the masses. And are also played during the time when you want to have ‘cheap thrills’.


Since the song gained massive popularity and was also recognized by meme makers, by 2018 various versions of the song started surfacing on social media. They were basically mash-ups of the song edited to created funny videos. Various clips from movies, political speeches and web series were compiled with ‘rinkiya ke papa’ playing in the background to form a matching sequence.

YouTube Videos and memes

A number of YouTube videos in form of memes appeared on this platform after the increasing popularity of Rinkiya ke papa memes.

1. Rinkiya k Papa by Bk-Chod Brother’S

A YouTube channel by the name of Bk-Chod Brother’S uploaded a meme on 15th Feb, 2018. This meme mash-up featured a mix of – Arvind Kejriwal getting slapped, Modiji laughing in response and Ranveer Singh as Allaudin Khilji lip syncing on the lyrics of the song Rinkiya ke papa. The video is one of the most popular video meme made on the song till date with 2,301,479 views so far.

2. Koi Mil Gya -Rinkiya ke papa

The song Rinkiya ke papa was also used to create a meme version which had clips form the movie ‘Koi Mil Gaya.’ The lead actor of the movie ‘Hrithik Roshan’ is shown slapping one of the characters in the movie, which is synced to the lyrics of the song. The video further matches the steps from the song ‘It’s magic, It’s magic’ to the beats of Rinkiya ke papa.

This video meme was uploaded on Jul 10, 2018 and has around 27.9 K views till date.

3. Rinkiya ke papa GOT version by JUST CHUTIYA

Another hilarious version of the song was uploaded by a user on YouTube on Jul 17, 2018. This 29 sec clip was a mash-up of video picked up from the immensely popular HBO series ‘Game of Thrones’, where the character Tyrion Lannister slaps Joffery and the song is aptly synced in the background where Tyrion is shown dancing and laughing throughout. The meme video also got major popularity.

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4. Rahul Gandhi funny on Rinkiya ke papa

Another meme video featuring the song Rinkiya ke papa was uploaded by a YouTube channel sab kuch hai re baba that showed a video from parliament where Rahul Gandhi  (Congress) was shown saying things which he directed to the PM of India, Mr Narendra Modi. His speech was immediately mocked by everyone present in the room. In the later part of the video, the response to his speech was edited by placing the song ‘Rinkiya ke papa’ as PM Modi laughed at his claims along with many other politicians.

The video was uploaded on Jul 25, 2018 and has around 13.8 k views so far.

5. Rinkiya ke Papa ft. WWE stars

On Aug 4, 2018 another meme version of the song was uploaded on YouTube by a user called Ankit Choudhary. This video was a meme made on the WWE theme where the fighters are shown grooving on the beats of the song. As the song proceeds to the line ‘Chtatt deni mar delen kheench ke tamacha’, the WWE fighters are shown slapping , followed by John Cena laughing hysterically.

The video has 19k views so far.

6. Justin Beiber feat Rinkiya ke papa by Funny Bollywood

This video was published on Aug 4, 2018. The video complied various stage performances of Justin Beiber dancing and lip synced the video clips with the song Rinkiya ke papa along with his dance steps. The video soon went viral and has received around 133,759 views so far.

7. Rinkiya Ke Papa – Choke Studio

Another version of the same song was uploaded on YouTube by Choke Studio on Aug 10, 2018. This, however, wasn’t a cover of the song. It was actually a hilarious parody and tribute to the song and the singer of the song. This video too went on to gain around 1.8 million views.

Rinkiya ke Papa- Samuel Jackson

The song became the first Bhojpuri track that went on to gain popularity across the globe. A Nigerian singer who goes by the name ‘Samuel Singh’ uploaded the Rinkiya ke Papa (EDM Cover) on Dec 28, 2018, by the name | Prod by King Flame on YouTube. The cover song also was highly appreciated and has gained around 5.9 million views.

Spread of memes on Rinkiya ke papa

The memes on Rinkiya ke papa started circulating in India around the month of May and June 2018. The song was used in existing templates too. For example, the drake meme was modified by replacing it with two song choices, ‘Rinkiya ke papa’ being Drake’schoice.

Soon, Indians started using the song as the beacon of India(sarcastically) and used in on various memes. .

rinkiya ke papa memes

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Spread on Social media platforms

Indian meme page like Bollywood memers, Desi Sacrcasm, Tharki mera Dost, posted many memes and Twitter users like Pakchikpak Raja [email protected], [email protected] came up with the best memes.

Context of use

1. WWE version

The song ‘Rinkiya ke papa’ was used on various contexts, mainly ending the meme with the line ‘ hi hi hi has delen’ or ‘ hi hi hi has delen Rinkiya ke papa’. An entertainment website called Latestly, posted an article which talked about the WWE version of Rinkiya ke papa.

A meme was also uploaded with the same article that explained the context in a short form.

rinkiya ke papa memes

2. KBC meme on Rinkiya ke papa

A Facebook page called ‘Tharki mera dost’ uploaded a meme on Rinkiya ke papa with the context of KBC, where the singer of the song ‘Manoj Tiwari’ is shown playing the game and wants to phone a friend. When the host ‘Amitabh Bacchan asks him about what his friend does, he says ‘Hi hi hastey hai’. Amitabh immediately understands the person he needs to call. The meme explains the situation in a funny way.

rinkiya ke papa memes

3. Irresistible man- Rinkiya ke papa

Another context of use for this meme appeared in terms of women who immediately fall for a man who is ‘Rinkiya ke papa’. Several memes circulated with the same context that showed ladies asking the name what his name is. As soon as the man replies that his name is ‘Rinkiya ke papa’, the girl jumps over to kiss him.

rinkiya ke papa memes

Notable memes

rinkiya ke papa memes

rinkiya ke papa memes

rinkiya ke papa memes
rinkiya ke papa memes
rinkiya ke papa memes

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Life expectancy

The meme is already dead and not used anymore to create memes. However, the song’s popularity is still there and is often played to make situations awkward.

rinkiya ke papa trend


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