Are you tired of frizzy, unmanageable, and damaged hair? Is your messy hair hindering your style statement?

If you are looking for a miracle to bring an end to your hair woes, look no further than Moehair! Let’s give it up for Moehair Keratin Treatment, a game-changer for bad hair days. It reduces hair porosity, tames the frizz, smoothens hair and enhances manageability. It’s time to pamper your tresses with some keratin love!

Say Goodbye to Frizz and Hello to Smoother, Shinier Hair

Over time, the hair strand loses its natural keratin protein that protects hair from moisture and prevents frizz. To top it up, excessive heat styling, pollution, and use of haircare products, amplifies the damage. If your gorgeous tresses have lost its lackluster, we bring the rescuer you have been waiting for.

Moehair’s Keratin Hair Treatment fills the gaps or pores created by depleted keratin protein. It is further heat-sealed that smoothens the hair cuticles. As a result, it leaves the hair looking lustrous, glossy and repairs the damage. It takes away the frizz, leaving behind flawlessly stunning tresses.

Benefits of using keratin treatment to repair damaged hair: 

  • Frizz-free hair – Get rid of the frizz and flyaways with a keratin treatment. Without frizz, it is easier to manage and style your tresses.
  • Glossier hair – With the keratin protein penetration and the heat sealing, it leaves hair glossy, shiny, and lustrous. Radiant and gorgeous hair is just a keratin therapy away.
  • Reduces breakage – Detangling unruly hair is one of the primary causes of hair breakage. As keratin smoothens hair, it reduces tangles and prevents breakage.
  • Strengthens hair – Keratin adds structure and strength to your hair strands. The use of the keratin treatment means stronger hair with reduced split ends.
  • Decrease drying time – It reduces hair porosity and traps less water in the cuticles. This significantly reduces the drying time for your hair.

Step-by-Step Guide on Using Moehair Keratin Treatment 

As it is a salon-grade professional product, get the help of an experienced and skilled hairdresser. Prepping the hair before starting the treatment is crucial for an effective result. Everyone needs the same preparation – whether you have curly, wavy, or fine hair.

Step-1: Washing hair

Cleaning hair is crucial to achieve the best results and ensure keratin coats the strands well. Hair is washed with a clarifying shampoo to remove excess oil and product build-up from the scalp. Cleansing your hair ensures it is dust and dirt-free.

Step 2: Keratin application

After washing, the keratin formula is applied to the hair and allowed to sit for 30 minutes or more. Depending on the type and texture of the hair, the duration of keeping on keratin might vary. During this time, keratin penetrates through the hair shaft.

Step 3: Blow dry and heat sealing

Let the keratin formula dry completely. Use a blow dry to completely dry the product. This is followed by a flat iron that ensures the product penetrates deep into cuticles. Heat is used to seal the keratin to the strands.

Note: It’s a professional product. Avoid trying at home and contact a professional for the best results.

Step 4: Washing after treatment

Aftercare is important to ensure it gives good results and efficiently smoothens hair. However, do not wash your hair for up to 72 hours for the best results. This time, ample time for the keratin to coat and seal along the hair strands.

Maintenance and Tips for Lasting Keratin Treatment 

If you want to keep your hair smooth and straightened for prolonged duration, a little care goes a long way. It’s no rocket science, but just requires following a few essential tips for long-term maintenance.

Avoid tying your hair too tightly or using hair accessories after the treatment. This prevents the hair from bending or taking an untoward shape. It is recommended to use shampoo and conditioner formulated for keratin-treated hair.

From time to time, use hair serum to keep the hair smooth and frizz-free. Maintenance and care leave your hair glossier and gorgeous for a longer time. And you are ready to flaunt your gorgeous tresses to the world!


With keratin hair treatment, get ready to celebrate your hair every day. The goodness of keratin smoothens hair and leaves the tresses free of frizz, making them manageable and easy to style. So, it’s time you say hello to happy, healthy, and absolutely stunning hair.

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