You always buy the shit whatever i sell to you…
Who understand me, they count very few..
And boy its nothin’ new..
I buy for my girl a pair of Jimmy choo..
She replied with finest Roses sayin “I love you too”..
And am wearin’ Woodland still love my Nike shoe..
they see me rollin’ on the streets and ask “he is who”..
They only see the bling..but don’t know what i’ve been through..
I belong to a mid class..but raised like a King is grew…
and king walks alone never have a crew,,
Want to be me .. ??
When u Get that feelin’ that you can do…
Then theres nothin’ that can barricade you..
But if u need a ‘Go’..
Have some Brandy With Mountain dew…!!!! haha

Am not always Cheeky sometime its Straight Gangsta..!!

I got a back up of hundred goons..pheww..
Now u askin me clemency..fuck you will get in lieu..
When a colt in my hand..surely you the one first blood who drew….
Maybe i dont need a gun cuz my words enough to Fuck you..
Forget about it..Hear somethin new..
Got balls..??..point the gun carried by you..
Sooner you realise theres no bullets in it..
you will be shot dead with a bullet wet in my spit..
I see that blade now u want to slit..
Check out this Army Knife..won’t require force when i stab it..
Now your face is tellin’ you are in a state of tacit..
I forgive you now…you better embrace it.

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