Lifestyle These are the real reasons to stay fit and healthy

These are the real reasons to stay fit and healthy

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Beginning of the every new year, each of us take the subscription for at least 6 months of the gym and never show up after the first week. All those resolutions go down the drain, get hit by the train, tied with the chain, cuz gymming has caused so much pain. Oh, I know I suck at rhyming but I have good info to share with y├íll. I will give you some real reason to not quit any of your physical activities you are involved in. Something that we already know that physical activities don’t just keep you physically healthy but strengthens your brain as well. This goes vice-versa as well.

If you can keep your brain and mind healthy, you will be physically fit. I have encountered such people in my life who are able to do that. But alas, keeping your brain healthy is a very tough task for many, as we have so much tensions, stress about so small things in life that we can’t sit relaxed for even two minutes. You wanna try ? Go for it.. I am sure there will be a constant tension in your head to stay tension free for next 2 minutes. I hope your brain is healthy enough to understand the pun intended! Hence, the best way is to work on physical fitness and let that impact the brain to keep that healthy. Proceeding to my listicles of six reasons why physical fitness is so important apart from the usual health benefits it entails.

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Self defense: Whether you are working at an MNC, partying late till night, we all are alone at some point of the day or night, everyday. So many cases of molestation, kidnapping, murders etc. In such times it is important to have an edge by staying physically fit. Especially for girls, to know self defense techniques is vital. To apply those techniques you need to be physically fit and mentally stable in such situations.

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Self dependent: Gone are those days when there used to be large families, joint families and during the time of crisis, there were so many members who could come to rescue. Now, living standards, affordability, urbanization, growing population has reduced the family sizes. You are dependent on your own. When you will fall ill, its you mother and father only who will help you or if you are lucky enough then a friend or two will show up. It is best to delay such circumstances till its possible by staying physically and mentally fit.

Active brain & body: When you will indulge in any fitness activities for the first time, your body will start paining initially for few days as some muscles tend to breakdown and adjust and adapt according to the exertion. But we mustn’t give up at that time. Once you pass that stage which is usually of a very short period, you will feel a different new in yourself.Your body needs proper protein to stay active. If you are a vegetarian this protein diet routine will be helpful.

Your body will behave actively and you will experience new level of energy inside you throughout the day causing less fatigue. And as your physical fitness activities continues and increases with the time, your brain and body starts working in tandem and you will be able to finish a lot of work in less of time with still energy left within you to accomplish daily tasks with a big smile on your face. After all, who doesn’t want to stay happy in their life. Brain & stomach is directly connected. Check out these natural ways to keep your stomach fit.

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Confidence: Exercises boosts adrenaline in the body. Adrenaline is a hormone secreted by adrenal glans in our body. It pumps the blood circulation, breathing and carbohydrate metabolism in our body and prepares muscles for exertion. Because of this, it boosts and refreshes our confidence which is reflected throughout the day in our body in every work we do. Even when you will walk you will sense that energy within you, because that usual lethargy and fatigues has faded away.

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Stress buster: Exercises also releases feel good hormones in our body. When you will finish you sessions, you will experience a satisfaction in your mind and you will feel much more happier and merrier as your body and mind will be prepared to take any kind of stress coming your way.

Motivation: It so happens that there are times in our life when we are seeing constant failures and not a ray of hope. At that time, we will remember our certain times of training and workout in which we felt the same but we got up and kept our pace and passed that stage.

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One thing that nobody is going to tell you, there is a very high chance of you bumping into a very hot girl or a guy over there and end up going on a date. Since the adrenaline is already high, you just have to make the right move. If not all the above reasons, at least let this be the reason of you hitting the gym today.

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