They are always lying around us. Unused, unseen, being ignored, no one to care of them anymore. Which once used to give us a heart ache if it slips even an inch from our hand, carries zero importance now.

You have ditched it and moved ahead. But it is still there in some corner, waiting for you.

Because you have a new beautiful to flirt with. The old love is forgotten with time and all the memories you once had with it, you inhumanly transfer it to your new one.

Once again, good phone goes bad!

Or sometimes some one elderly from the family picks it up and start using it (so that they can learn how to use a mobile phone). It is similar to buying a second hand car to learn driving before you get the courage of buying a new one.

People use it and leave it. Story goes on until it dies or becomes emotionally unstable and start hanging and giving issues while functioning.

Some try to push these phones to old age homes. There are many such homes available which you can find online. But the process of getting them admitted there is so complicated that you lose the track and these phones become homeless. They are either thrown, sold to ‘kabaadi walas’ or just becomes a toy for a newly born to play!

Since when has the humanity become so cruel!!!!!

I really would not have believed about this selfish attitude of people if I had not seen it happening in my own house!

Let me tell you a little story about it.

Lovish and I are childhood friends. We moved to a different city together to pursue our careers. Because of making enough money to share an apartment, we have been living together for quite some time. Lovish is sort of a playboy who is always single and always committed!

He is also no different from those who we have been discussing in this post. Let me show you how he treats his old love as soon as he finds a new one.

bronken mobile phone
This mobile phone has been lying on the side shelf of the kitchen from past 6 months.


dust lines of phone
I am not making it up. Here is a proof of dust that gathered around it.

Not just this! I went to his room to explore more about his lifestyle. Take a sneak peak with this quick video.

Findings from the old rotten bag:

  1. Samsung android phone
  2. Nexus 5
  3. An old symbian phone

old nexus 5 phone old nexus 5 phone samsung android phone

But the hell broke on me when I myself found in the same pit. There is one phone lying in my chocolate box. I never paid attention to it. I simply half open my box and take out a chocolate and move on with my life.

And the phone was just lying there serving no purpose.


samsung phone in candy box


Not anymore. Naat anymore!!

No phones will have to face this disrespect anymore. Enough is enough.

taken meme

I did my research and I found it. I finally found it where I can give all my old phones into safe hands and also get a decent return for it.

Someone had to come up to restore things back to normal. A platform rises where humans can sell all such gadgets (mobile phones, tablets, laptops etc) within 60 seconds. Complete hassle free!

And unlike Batman who only comes out in the night, they are their 24 hours.

This video summarizes the hassles one has to go through when they try to sell their old gadgets on other platforms. But with cashify:

  1. you just simply visit the website
  2. Select what you like to sell
  3. Choose the brand/company
  4. Choose the model
  5. Select if your mobile switches on or not
  6. Select the non working functions and if there is any physical damage
  7. Select the items that comes with the phone if they are still intact
  8. Select the overall condition of the phone
  9. Hurrah! The resale value of your phone will be displayed on the screen!

Start a search mission in your home, locate all those old cell phones, sell them one by one on this website and make some cash out of nothing.

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