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Near..But not so near..!!

Those old memories that i cherished, Now makes me cry..
Why its always you in every rhyme i try..
Lookin for a hope, in the river that is dry..
Nobody is around, just some stars and the sky..
Intoxication of your love still makes me feel high..
Every word represent my tear, baby i don’t lie..
When you held my hand, I felt like i fly..
and your lovely lashes, baby when you close your eye..
I saw you shy..when the first time i said you ‘HI’
then  we never said goodbye..
It was just you and I..
Now you are far away..am here with my tears tonight..
Holdin my pillow so tight..not left with power to fight..
No more hugs from you, no more lovely bite..
Can’t pass this night, sun please rise early i need your fresh light..
Missin’ so much her nature so polite..
Made mistakes while i was tryin to act right..
Time and distance made us divide..
Finding places, My tears i can hide.
Tried to mute my voice..silent tears i cried……………………….
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