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Most Shared Memes In 2018 (So Far)

We are back again to tickle your funny bones with our list of top memes that went viral in 2018. We all know that 2017 was a blast for memes and 2018 had big shoes to fill.

Let’ delve into the list and see how it goes.


2018 memes

Well this one was expected. The funny thing is that we see this every year and relate to it “Every Year”. Well this year is going to be different.


2018 memes

You think 2017 was tough? Well guess what 2018 is here to beat the sh*t out of you.


2018 memes

This has happened to almost each and every one of us.


2018 memes

Every time.


2018 memes

Someday his memes are going to be more popular than his songs.


2018 memes

When you are broke af and your Netflix subscription ends.


2018 memes

The struggle is real guys. We all have been through this. Whether it’s Bae, mom or relatives, the struggle is real.


2018 memes

When your saving are getting a hit but food is life and the only thing keeping you together.


2018 memes

Ahh, I gotta figure out something else now.

# 10.

2018 memes

And it’s only Wednesday.


2018 memes

What if we could sleep while we eat? Really good, huh?


2018 memes

When staying fit is important but food is Life.


2018 memes

Damn these mosquitoes are everywhere.


2018 memes

Damn it Susan, I am curvy and I like it.


2018 memes

Checking the mailbox if it’s here yet. Waiting for it to arrive, waiting by the window.


2018 memes

Well apparently you don’t know that group study means “Having Fun”


2018 memes

This is so me, HAHA. Why are we like this though?


2018 memes

Someday I will achieve the summer body I want.


2018 memes

Well take the damn thing off first. God this is embarrassing. P.s- I don’t know what that thing is called.


2018 memes

This happens to almost everyone, when we don’t even know we did something wrong.

2018 is half way near its end and we have had so many fabulous memes and trolls in the internet today. Whether it was our dancing uncle or relationship memes, we got you covered

. This was our list of the Top Memes 2018 (so far), so stay tuned for more and make sure to check out our other articles on lifestyle, entertainment and more.

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