Lifestyle Mensome review: Accessories for men’s grooming

Mensome review: Accessories for men’s grooming

Recently, I came across this website called Mensome that sells men’s grooming products ranging from toiletries (like bathing bars, body wash, body and hair oils, deodorant creams, etc.) to dapper-looking accessories like tie pins, cufflinks, ties, etc.

mensome review

In this article, I will share what I bought from the website and what my viewpoints are about the same. But before we jump to that, let me tell you more about Mensome.

“Every man deserves to look and feel good!”

With this single-minded proposition, mensome has stepped into the men’s grooming department and aims to be the one-stop-shop for all “mensome” needs.

mensome packaging

They have created products to help men better take care of their grooming needs.

All their products like bathing bars, body wash, and face wash, are made of natural ingredients and free from parabens, phthalates, and sulphates. Their hair and body oils are also specially designed to treat stretch marks, relieve joint pains, and provide nourishment to hair.

They are available in different varieties like magnesium oil provides relief from joint pains, vitamin-e oil provides nourishment and reduces stretch marks, and black seed hair or red onion hair provides deeper nourishment to hairs.

mensome bathing bars

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They have a unique range of cream-based deodorants. Mensome claims that their cream-based deodorants easily absorb in the skin and doesn’t leave any stains on clothes like the other generic deodorants. They have a range of fragrances available in oudh and musk.

mensome deodorants

What did I buy?

I bought 3 sets of bow ties and a set of cufflinks which included a lapel pin in the shape of a crocodile. I know three ties are a bit too much. But think about it, if I am able to change my overall look by just changing an accessory, what’s the harm in that?

Having a variety of accessories gives me a larger playfield to style. I am able to mix and match various items depending upon the colour of my suit or shirt.

red bow tie by mensome

black bow tie by mensome

wooden bow tie by mensome

I bought a red bow tie, black bow tie, and a wooden bow tie. All these bow ties came with cufflinks and a pocket square. (now you know what I am saying!)

crocodile cufflinks by mensome

What I loved the most was the crocodile cufflinks set. They are just awesome! They instantly level up my attire as soon as I wear them. Everyone notices and asks me, “from where did I buy them?”. And my answer is just one word – MENSOME

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