Lifestyle Different Types of Shirts One Should Have In their Wardrobe

Different Types of Shirts One Should Have In their Wardrobe

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Assuming that you are one of those people who look after their wardrobe as much as they do after their grooming, this article is just for you. I believe that there are only two things that differentiate a man, his actions and how he carries himself. Clothes become the major part of how you are perceived by others and truth to be told can influence the way people treat you. A sharp groomed look with a good wardrobe can work wonders for a person’s confidence. Without a doubt, shirts with all its variations can be a huge asset for a man. Here are a few types of shirts a person should have in his wardrobe



dress or formal shirt 

A shirt which makes a statement when you are wearing it under your tuxedo. Bright enough to catch some attention and sober enough to look classy. Fabric crisp enough to make you look dashing through the evening. It is usually of solid color and has a smooth texture. Simplicity is always preferred when it comes to dress shirts so it looks good with a bow tie on.



denim shirt

The shirt that is famous for its versatility because it is worn both times, when the temperature is hot or when it is too cold outside. The little bit of bagginess plus dark colours make a statement on its own and can be paired with chinos. The over shirt is typically constructed with lightweight nylon with soft texture and a matte finish.



plade or flannel shirt

The more masculine look can be achieved by these winter shirts which have been called by many other names throughout history. It is worn in the colder months and can be used as a good layering tool. Also can be paired with dark jeans to achieve a complete look and has a soft fabric whether you opt for the plaid or plain version.



floral shirt

The half sleeve shirt which is a testament of bold and the beautiful. It is also known as the beach shirt and has floral or tribal patterns over glowing colours. It is made up of thin cloth which is why it is breezy and comfortable to wear. This can be paired with light coloured trousers or baggy trousers and to complete the look sunglasses are a must. Carry it with confidence and you will feel unbeatable.


denim shirt

It has made a recent comeback after a decade of hiatus but nonetheless it gives you a bad guy look which is a good thing if you ask the ladies. Looks great when paired with black jeans and proper accessories. It can even be worn with a blazer if you want to add to its versatility. Overall a great asset to have in the wardrobe.

This list contains items which will help you achieve a complete wardrobe without being a burden on your pocket. It is essential to take the weather and your body shape into consideration when you are deciding what to wear because not only will it make it easier for you to make a choice but also you will feel much more comfortable. This list will help you enhance your summer game and personality so always keep in mind that a confident personality and a sharp dashing look can take you to places.

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