Indian-memes Memes: The Language of the New Generation on the Internet

Memes: The Language of the New Generation on the Internet

Getting Familiar With the Millennial Voice

Yoh, my guy. Check this meme out!

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The transformation is so evident from the different preferences and how people communicate. Those long queues at phone booths and big posters are now a thing of the past. We have smartphones and digital marketing that have eased communication, and we can directly reach out to quite a larger group. One notable factor about this new generation is their way of communication.

The internet has enabled a lot of networking – there’s social media, applications, games, etc., that create this comfortable environment to share your views and opinions about something. Other than the usual ways, people have adapted to using memes to express different ideas and opinions. So, let’s see what they’ve got going around.

 What Are Memes?

Memes are a way of passing different related information to a group of people. They come in the form of edited photos where particular words are added to an original image to communicate something. Well, the wordings vary depending on the memes’ language. There are probably billions, by now, of memes all over the internet, and people relate to them differently. What are the most common ones you’ve come across? Oh, you’ll drop that in the comment section.

 How Do People Use Memes?

The best dating sites have given credit to the memes and the language of the internet because they have changed the dating arena. In a good way, of course. But there are different ways of how memes affect language and how they are used for communication. A simple example is what you might find so sarcastic in memes; to someone else, it becomes funny. So here are some of the ways people use memes.

To Create Jokes 

You said memes

One way how memes change the language is by making it easier for you to understand jokes. Have you ever been to a stand-up comedy show, and people are cracking them, but you’re just there wondering where the mark is? Sorry if you’ve been in such a situation – it sucks. Either by the picture itself or the added words on it, memes are used to make fans of different situations.

I don’t know if you’ve come across memes from ‘high bros.’ It is some toon that has red eyes, which seems ‘high’ by the way. Those memes make fun of literally anything that is trending, whether it’s sports-related, political, or even a new vibe on social media. Other funny memes present weird faces of celebrities to share a joke.

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To Criticize

Other meme’s language examples include the criticizing part. Some people are just haters of particular things, and their best way to let out their hate is through memes. Sometimes it goes over the board because it might seem offensive. However, other criticizing memes are just within acceptable terms.

Most of these types of memes are usually directed to particular individuals. Mostly the high-profile guys: politicians, millionaires, influencers, artists, etc. – some of these memes also criticize something in particular. Racial inequality, violence on women, human trafficking, and injustice are commonly addressed.

To Pass Time

The internet memes language is also a way to pass the time. Some people are bored in their workplaces, and some don’t even have employment. Memes are ways to go by the day to help you forget the difficult time you are going through or an unpleasant event.

These particular memes talk about anything and everything to communicate to the one viewing. We bet you’ve come across some random meme, and you asked yourself what that person was thinking while creating it. Well, to some, memes are therapy!

To Pass Some Information

A constant question that people ask is, “Are memes a language?” Yes, they communicate different information to a specific group of people. Don’t get offended if you don’t understand a particular meme because it was definitely for someone else. Regardless of the kind and nature of the information shared, they get out to many people.

They keep audiences up to date with what’s trending. Haven’t you learned something new from a trending meme at some point? They also give different perspectives about something. Some help people to understand particular things better. And they put good use of the expressions on those faces displayed.

Rugby memes
To Create Awareness

Some things require publicity to reach out to as many people as possible, and the best way to do it, especially if you are addressing the new generation, is by use of memes. Do you want to advertise something new? Get a good image, add a few details to it, and share it. Memes go viral so fast because people expect them to be interesting.

So, do memes have to have words? Definitely not. A word can do. But some people prefer not to include any word because an image can communicate a lot of things. However, in cases of awareness, ensure you do have both so that you can make the information you’re sharing quite clear.

 Tips on Using Memes Language for Your Brand

As a brand, you can use memes to share more information about your business. As the effect of memes on language grows, the millennials have embraced this version of communication. However, before you take that step, you need to learn some rules. Below are the dos and don’ts if you choose to go the memes way.

  •       Ensure that they have an interesting aspect to them.
  •       If you are using it for marketing, then look for good images.
  •       Be careful with the wording used. Make it lively and charming.
  •       Get to learn what qualifies as a meme.
  •       Address trending topics but relate them to the services and goods that you offer.
  •       Always be up to date with what is trending for creativity purposes.
  •       Don’t forget to drop some jokes here and there.
  •       Avoid sending memes love language if they don’t relate to your brand.
  •       Don’t be biased with your images.
  •       Don’t let your memes take a stand, whether politically or socially. Always be neutral.


Memes are pretty interesting, and they also reach out to a lot of people globally. They offer that lightening mood to those having a bad day, and others have just the right words and faces for those going through a particular personal issue. Besides that, they are a creative way of sharing information because they are direct, precise, and different.

Have you come across the latest memes? Which is your favorite of all? What is your opinion about this new language? Drop a comment below.

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