Indian-memes Memes pages on Instagram that will crack you up with laughter

Memes pages on Instagram that will crack you up with laughter

Memes are a great way to express your feelings. I have been following memes since 2012. I remember how I used to spend dedicated hours on those pages on Facebook. They still rock and are among the most popular meme pages on Facebook in India. I used to open these pages on Facebook and used to scroll through all the fresh memes one by one liking almost all of them.

When these memes used to appear on my friends’ walls, they used to ask what are these things that you keep liking all the time.

Well, today almost everyone using Facebook is aware of what memes are. And not just Facebook, it has spread its wings on Instagram as well. In this post, I am going to share top Instagram pages which create some of the most hilarious and fresh memes on Internet.

1. Memes

It is crazy how they got their hands on this particular domain. They sure would be really early in this meme game. But surprisingly, being following memes from such a long time, I never across their content.

?? made with the #memesapp

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Even though he has got 2.7 million followers and more than 8000 posts, I didn’t find this page that interesting. Probably that is the reason I haven’t found this page earlier.

Can you imagine ? @memesmerch

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Probably that is how the future going to be like if our kids ever asked for bedtime stories. Why you did this Tyga!

That kind of information is expensive

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That expression though!

2. Brainchod

Next in line we have Brainchod with 579K followers. Unfortunately, they have kept their account private because of which there is no point sharing memes from their account. You can like their page and access their content.

3. Sexualising

Uh, yes that is the name of their account. They have more then 6 million followers on Instagram alone.


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For all the Weeknd weekend fans


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4. Memezar

This profile is also private. You will have to like the page to view the content. They have more than 2 million followers right now with around 5000 above posts.

5. rofl_india_

This page has only 776000  followers as compared to its competitors. But these guys have made some of the realest and original memes. They sure as hell deserve more followers. Unfortunately, he just turned his account private. Thus, you will have to get his approval to watch his memes.

6. gymmemesofficial

It is hard to find category in memes. Almost every one share all type of memes. This particular page is doing a good job at creating all gym related memes.

❤ @fitnesslovrs

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When your girl checks you.

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Truer words have never been spoken.

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Bruh. @fuck_cardio

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One thing that I figured out is most of these meme creators are posting work of others also. Which is a clear act of plagiarism as they are not stating the real source too. In my opinion, if you think your meme game is strong that you can garner so many followers on your own, why are you using memes of others. And if you really liked it that much, then at least give the real owner the deserving credit.

On the contrary, meme pages on Instagram is not as interesting as the ones on Facebook. They are not as relatable as they should be. Folks at Facebook are doing a lot better job than the ones on Instagram.

However, for daily dose of meme on Instagram, these pages will do the job perfectly for you.


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