Lifestyle Add coffee in your daily skincare regime with mCaffeine: Products review

Add coffee in your daily skincare regime with mCaffeine: Products review

mCaffeine products review

Coffee-infused products are all the rage today. And why shouldn’t they be? It’s a nearly natural way to rejuvenate your skin. Whether you want to scrub, moisturise, or polish your skin, coffee can do it all (given that it is mixed with the right kind of ingredients). 

Coffee is not something new when it comes to the skincare regime. I have been regularly using coffee on my skin for a couple of years to even-tone and get an instant glow. However, I had to make my own preparation by mixing coffee with various other ingredients to get the best out of it. Now brands like mCaffeine are doing an excellent job with their coffee-based product range. I’ve already tried their body polishing kit, which included body oil, scrub, and body butter, and I am now addicted to its effects. However, that is something I use twice a week.

Now, I needed something to use regularly to reap lasting effects. So, this time, I bought their espresso body wash and their much-hyped about product – coffee-bean shaped ‘latte’ soap. While checking out, the coffee addict in me also added a foot scrub! 😛 Let’s go reviewing all 3 one by one.

Espresso Bodywash

mCaffeine espresso body wash review

Packaging – my god! It’s like buying a ‘tall’ coffee glass from Starbucks, but with a hard plastic case. It packs 300 ml of pure coffee body wash that’ll emit a strong fragrance right when you open the lid. Its texture may give you the effect of mild scrub so use gentle massaging motions while applying directly with your palm or loofah. It’s greasy enough, so you’ll have to use just a little bit, and it will do the job for your entire body. It smoothens uneven skin, restores skin tone, and give you a lustrous appeal to your body while you smell of coffee the whole day, keeping your energy levels high.

Latte coffee bathing bar

mCaffeine latte coffee bathing bar review

Shaped like a larger than life coffee bean, it’ll not just appeal to your eyes but also to your body. It is sulphate free and has a unique formula that offers pH 5.5 – the ideal balance to suit any skin type. Most of the soaps available in the market have an imbalanced pH resulting in sensitivity, wrinkles, inflammation, acne, etc. Since I prefer soaps with creamy textures, I bought the latte bar as it has moisturising ingredients like almond milk and cocoa butter.

Naked & raw coffee foot scrub

mCaffeine foot scrub review

I liked this product because it is infused with peppermint granules. It gives a cooling sensation that relaxes you and relieves your stress. To get the best results from this foot scrub:

  1. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for at least 20 minutes.
  2. Apply the scrub thoroughly on your feet and massage it softly for 3-5 minutes.
  3. Rinse with water, that’s it! You’ll have a quick fix of the expensive foot spa that you may have got at a salon for a couple of hundreds.

It exfoliates, polishes, and destresses you and your feet. Even though it has sweet almond oil infused in the scrub, I’d still recommend applying a mild lotion afterwards for a lasting effect. My feet become extremely soft and smooth when I use it; however, there is no change in the skin tone. 

Final verdict

mCaffeine products

I wonder how no one paid attention to the extraordinary benefits of coffee on the skin before mCaffeine. They are creating a monopoly in India with their well-researched and exciting product range. Whether you are looking for hair, face or body solutions, mCaffeine has the right fix for you. Another interesting fact about this brand is that they have reached zero carbon footprint, which is another reason to support them for the awesome products they are creating without harming the environment and of course, your skin!

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