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Who is the Sardar behind madarfaken (phucken) betch song

Rai panesar sardar phucken betch

So many videos going viral. But we hardly ever try to figure out the people behind them. I just discovered the guy behind phucken betch song. It took some combinations of right words on google but I found him. And this fellow is a real gem. He got talent man!

Let us start with his most shared video first.

Puchken betch Lyrics goes like this:

Madarfakin betch..(x2)

You bloody smelly shit..

Freaky bitch..

You are preeky bitch..

Betch, Madarfakin betch, you’re smelly shit, you think you freaky bitch, but you are a pricky bitch, you bloody preeky bitch..

Oh what the fuck this bitch..


He did not just stop here. He released a full song of this 😀

He is based out in London, apart from that couldn’t find much about him. But this guy’s energy level is next level. He is on steroids! Some of the puns in his videos are definitely jaw aching.

He has also made parodies of many famous songs like Despacito and wild thoughts, not to mention its featuring DJ Khalinder!

One thing that you’d find in all his videos is mention of #LaveIt! He uses it more often. Just pay close attention.

Link to his YouTube channel. Check out his Facebook page. He is also there on Insta, Snapchat and Twitter. The following image is his logo.

#LaveIt sardar

Apart from all the crazy shit that you’d see in his videos, he is for sure a great musician. He has shown some fine skills on Dhol and Tabla in his videos.

Check out this another crazy take on fights in Punjabi families. Watch how going to a wedding turned out to be a natural disaster.

In the other news, our sot guy bolna aunty aau kya came with a new track. But if you are not waiting for that cancer,   and want to watch more of Rai Panersar’s hilarious videos, check out how Mr. LaveIt takes Daler Mehandi’s Tunak Tunak to next level:

You won’t see that coming at 00:52 in the below video:

Here is a glimpse of his super talent on Tabla.

Do check out his videos cuz you never know what will make your day and you may find another bhaii bhai bhai bhai (shahid alvi sid nagar palika viral video) moment from god knows what. This meme game is consuming me more and more everyday. I guess people are logging on Facebook just to read or tag each other in memes. Anyways, I’d love to see your favorite memes. Do share a meme in the comments which you have liked recently. Or if you want to know the origination of any Indian memes, you can let me know about that also in the comments.


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