Finding the right place to live has always been difficult for someone who works shifts. My job requires me to work irregular hours, so I need a place to rest and recharge both during the day and at night. In my hunt for a place of refuge, I found myself at the doorstep of M3M Golf Hills.

How Did I Discover M3M Golf Hills?

First, I looked for places to live that would accommodate my unusual work schedule. My primary considerations were the closeness to my employment, safety, peace, and living in a neighbourhood that understands the value of quiet for those who work the night shift.

One of my internet investigations led me to M3M Golf Hills. It seemed like a peaceful and nice place to live, so I decided to learn more about it. This gated community in the middle of Gurugram, Haryana, looked to meet all of my requirements.

The contemporary conveniences at M3M Golf Hills cover all the bases for a pleasant stay. Everything was handled, from a well-stocked gym to a refreshing swimming pool to relaxing leisure areas.

M3M Golf Hills seemed devoted to fostering a welcoming community by considering its inhabitants’ various requirements. To my great relief, this also included rules and procedures that acknowledged the needs of employees on both day and night shifts.

When looking for a place to live that will fit my nontraditional work schedule, M3M Golf Hills stood out as a promising option. It made an indelible impact because of its careful planning, dedication to safety, and sensitivity to the requirements of its varied population. I’m excited to finally call M3M Golf Hills home because of the community’s commitment to maintaining a peaceful atmosphere.

M3M Golf Hills Price and Amenities that I Adore 

M3M Golf Hills, located in Sector 79 in Gurgaon, is a wonderful investment option for homeowners because of its many advantages. High return on investment and value appreciation are possible because of the cluster’s advantageous position and M3M Group’s stellar reputation. The price of the amenities ranges from ₹1.49 Crores – ₹2.76 Crores. Some of the amenities of the place include:

  1. M3M Golf Hills provides its residents with a fully-equipped clubhouse and a variety of recreational and social facilities ideal for unwinding and getting to know one another.
  2. Residents may use the advantages of water-based workouts like swimming by taking advantage of the pool inside the cluster.
  3. Having a designated area for joggers or other outdoor fitness enthusiasts to exercise is a great way to encourage a healthy and active lifestyle among locals.
  4. Residents may keep up with their daily routines and remain in shape without leaving the cluster, thanks to the proximity of a fully equipped gymnasium.
  5. Hoopsters may play pick-up games or work on their game at the community’s basketball court, encouraging people to go out and be active.
  6. The residential complex has a children’s play area where kids can run about and have fun in a secure setting, creating a dynamic and exciting atmosphere for families.
  7. All inhabitants and valuables are protected by a robust security system comprising round-the-clock monitoring and qualified security staff at the cluster.
  8. In the event of a power loss, inhabitants may continue their regular routines with little disruption, thanks to the energy availability provided by uninterruptible power backup services.
  9. The residential complex is designed following the principles of Vastu, which aim to create a harmonious and good environment for its inhabitants.

3 Reasons to Buy Property at M3M Golf Hills 

  1. Location advantages of M3M Golf Hills

The inhabitants of M3M Golf Hills in Gurgaon Sector 79 benefit from several locational amenities that add to their comfort and satisfaction with living there. Here are a few salient points:

  1. Sector 34/35 of the HSIIDC is 7.5 kilometres
  2. 7 minutes to Jhankar Senior Secondary School
  3. 5.7 kilometres to the Orris Floreal Towers
  4. 5.7 kilometres to Felix Plaza from Barmalt
  5. Opulent Lifestyle

M3M Golf Hills in Gurgaon’s Sector 79 is an upscale community with several desirable features. Because of its closeness to Garhi Harsaru Railway Junction, people have easy access to several modes of public transit. In addition, the Badshahpur Sobhna Road Highway is conveniently located nearby, making it simple to go to various city sections. M3M Golf Hills’ stunning vistas of the Aravali Mountain range are a big lifestyle perk. The surrounding hills are peaceful and beautiful, making for a relaxing setting for residents.

  1. Reputed Developers

The M3M Group is a prestigious and fast-expanding real estate development company in India. M3M India is to be India’s most recognized real estate company by providing high-quality, environmentally friendly, and client-focused developments. Their portfolio features prominent Millennium Gurugram projects that represent the city’s revitalization. The M3M Group has won a slew of accolades for the superiority of its products.

Gurgaon has always been the closest city to my heart as it is as happening and energetic as I am. After years of contemplating, I finally found a great home in the M3M Golf Hills residential complex and I couldn’t be happier! I am fortunate to know about and the thousands of verified property listings on their website and mobile application. I could filter the most suitable apartments as per my requirements and budget from the comfort of my home. I would highly recommend that you check flats for sale in Gurgaon on which will save you time and money!

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