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Life is crazy

Rohan broke up from his girlfriend few months ago. It was a five years long relationship. The impact of it was huge on him. But Rohan is a person with die hard attitude. Why shouldn’t he be. He is tall, fair, handsome, with a good dressing sense and respects women. Has all the qualities that a women craves for in his ideal man. But then, we are humans, we are never satisfied with what we have. We always want more or better.

And then, Rohan gives himself a motivational speech, gets up and joins a gym. By then end of four months, he has a chiseled body worth flaunting.

He used to convert all his sorrows to anger. And his anger to motivation. He used to experience so much adrenaline in his body.

He was happy again in few months and used to go out with his friends regularly. He increased his friends circle.

Then one day, through a friend of a friend, he meets this beautiful girl. She was a web designer by profession and loved dancing.

Well, her beauty was inspiring enough to let him know he can fall again for another woman.

love poem

Life is crazy and when it all gets hazy..
You can call me maybe..
Cuz I will be around to bring some daisies..
Take you somewhere far spend a weekend lazy..
But you are a woman of power..
Something that you devour..
Gotta bring something more on table..Cuz you cant be impressed with just flower..
I have a vision  that can be our..
I am looking for a partner..
Constructive talks..they can last forever..
I am a charmer..
And I’ll be with you like a soldier’s armor..
All I’m tryna say is you can be proud of me..and I will give you 100 reasons..
But of us being together..will there be any season..
You will never accuse me for any act of treason..
If you are a white light then I will be your prism..
Which color do you like most..
You like your coffee hot or ice frost..
Is it a sandwich or a butter toast..
Will I be your hero or silent protector..
Or none of these and I will have to disappear like a ghost..
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