letter in a bottle
I couldn’t find a way to make it sound better..
to that one moment,,I tried to write a letter..
Its little cold in here, so I wore a sweater..
but there is sunlight too, its kinda lovely weather..I am just trying to describe all about this moment..
the moment I have got to write a letter to that moment..
am kinda missin’ her..yea am talking ’bout my woman..
Its important she be there..to make that moment potent…
when I am on that stage..savaging my opponent..

So many rhymes flowing to get laid on pad..
some gone missin’..while some still makin’ me mad..
I was dreaming of rapping..bloody eyes are red..
Hey moment do you listen,, I’ma own you ‘fore am dead..

To leave everybody hanging on the edge of seat..
standing ovation, for an extra greet..
I wanna hear that roaring sound when everybody scream..
believe when I say I wanna fulfill this dream…

Am hearin’ Eminem a lot..did you notice eh..
must say he inspires..to go and find your way..
Until I see that day..ain’t gonn’ let you go away..
I will keep comin’ for you..for now I will let this moment stay..!!

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