Lifestyle KRA by BeYouNick: A new destination for streetwear fashion in India

KRA by BeYouNick: A new destination for streetwear fashion in India

KRA is not just about fashion it is a lot more than that. KRA is about being part of a community which gives life to streets. Being an outerwear brand, I usually start by commenting on the design elements, quality of the material, styling and other embellishments. But not for this one. Because for KRA, it is more about supporting a community with which we all share a deep connection knowingly or unknowingly.

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This brand is about living the moment in its raw form and manifesting confidence that everyone gets attracted to. It’s about supporting a community that live for others and give them a launchpad to hone their skills and talents. This brand is launched by Be YouNick. Yes! You got that right and that’s why you will find him sporting this brand across all his new videos.

You all may know Be YouNick for his out of the box comic sketches and videos, but as a person he is more than that. I came to know about his other side when I saw his interviews and how he connects with his audience. His vision behind launching this brand is simple – to make streetwear unrestricted and unabashed, globally.

KRA shackets


It is a limited collection brand where you will not find variety. It is done on purpose so people of KRA community can easily recognise each other and share that bond. I loved the entire collection and you would easily want to buy at least one article in each segment. One thing I can assure you is this brand and its products are unique. You will not find similar rugged or street patterns anywhere on internet. They are not inspired from any other fashion line, they are original. Most importantly they also have a variety of shackets (derived from the combination of shirt+jacket), which is right now a must have for all streetwear lovers. Because nothing adds more fun and cool factor than layering your entire outfit with a shacket.

KRA shacket


Whether it is a hoodie, t-shirt, or denim, the quality is absolutely premium. I came across one of his interviews in which Be Younick mentions that quality of its products is same as you buy it from any brand that costs you 25-30K. In fact you may find yourself better dressed with KRA than with any of those super expensive clothing lines available right now.

KRA streetwear


I personally bought a black denim shacket and a white tee. I absolutely love the way a simple denim shacket is styled and the cotton quality used in manufacturing the t-shirt. Once you wear that shacket, you will instantly get the kick of a raw, unaltered denim feel that is lacking nowdays in most of the denimwear due to the presence of lycra and other material that only give the look of denim. I couldn’t resist myself but to style my shacket in a variety of ways. Hope you find your fashion inspiration from my photoshoot and buy KRA products to share your style statement.

KRA by Be Younick

You can join the Krá community to get exclusive access to the coolest events. So are you ready to get Krasified?

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