Lifestyle Itokri review: A website for all your ‘desi vibes’ attire needs

Itokri review: A website for all your ‘desi vibes’ attire needs

Heard of a phrase – ‘simple yet elegant’? That’s what itokri is all about! Check out my review of this website from which I had bought a Kurti fabric and a colorful stole from itokri.

itokri handwritten note
Handwritten that came with my purchases

My search began when I was looking for something purely made out of cotton for my wife (you know how Delhi summers can get on into your nerves and bring out all the sweat 😐 ). So, I found out about this website where I could find cotton sarees/suits. Being a guy who can’t think beyond black and blue colors, I was totally amazed to discover a whole new world. So to make my life easier, I told my wife, “here’s a surprise, I have found the right website for you, now it’s your turn to find the perfect outfit for yourself!” And then I sat behind my wife peeping how she does what she does. And then, I learned a new law that day – law of elimination ( πŸ˜† shortlisting by eliminating from the most preferred outfits).

And I also got to learn that the more options you offer to a lady, the more she will end up buying! So…. we bought a Kurti fabric and a Stole. And it went like πŸ˜€

Review credits: Himanshi (follow her for awesome corporate humour)

Itokri Unboxing

You will start getting the desi vibes right from its packaging. It has a very raw appeal with all the items neatly wrapped in Hindi newspapers. There was a brand seal at the top. As soon as you finish unpacking, you will see a beautiful handwritten note on a recycled paper. In fact their cardboard box was also made of recycled material. Then you will see your ordered items, followed by invoice and a complimentary face mask!

Itokri complimentary face mask

Certainly, they take care of their customers health also! It is a full size mask with no rubber. You can tie the mask around your face as per your liking, thus no rashes behind ears or irritation due to the rubber. This is an easy to wear double layer mask that can be worn from either sides. Since it is made of cotton, it instantly soaks the sweat of my face. A perfect item for summers. I hope I don’t have to wear it for too long and wish this Corona to go away soon!

Kurti fabric

Length of the piece – 2.5 meters, perfect for every girl’s measurements.

Most suitable – In peak summer time (it is made of pure cotton, thus easily soaks the sweat and since it is a fabric, you can get it tailored in your own style and design).

We have already washed it twice and the color did not come out and no shrinkage happened. Though, it is still advised to wash it once before you give it for tailoring.

Product range – Extremely huge, if you visit once, you will definitely end up buying something. They have almost every variety of sarees, suit fabrics, bedsheets, traditional jewelry and other dΓ©cor items.

About the stole

I ordered a multi-color stole which is naturally dyed and is extremely soft to touch. It doesn’t cause any kind of irritation and you can wear it in any weather. Though it is most suited for summers as it keeps the body temperature cool.

itokri stole itokri stole

Final verdict

Itokri’s product range and collections has a very bohemian vibe to it. They can be worn in any style that you like. You can make a complete traditional outfit by combining their attire with jhumkas, bangles and anklets or you can also give it a little modern touch by tailoring it in a different style. When it comes to the quality of the material, it is superb. No color fading issues, no shrinkage, extremely light and body-friendly. We give its product range a thumbs up and worth trying.

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#This is a sponsored article where we received the products complimentary to review their articles. Our opinions are however personal and unbiased.

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