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12 Irrfan Khan Memes That Can Also Be Used By Meme Creators

I am sure you must be digging the internet to find all the Irrfan Khan memes that came out.

What an interesting idea by AIB(All India Bakchod) though of creating Indian version of some of the popular memes running from ages now on internet.

From the like of Drake, Willy wonka, our very own Amrish puri and various others. I am sharing all of them in an editable format. Most of them are taken from the dank Irrfan khan video while the remaining ones were directly uploaded by AIB on their twitter handle.

You can just simply right click on the image and save them in your computer or mobile to re-use them.

If you don’t know how to create memes and probably do not want to use any of the online meme editors that are available or apps that are there. Here is a simple process of creating memes by using paint.

Open paint >>> upload the saved template >>> use impact font to write content on top & bottom of image >>> save as jpg. You are done :))

Happy memes sharing! You are making people feel good. A job very few people known to do properly! Kudos!!

Check out all the editable version of new Irrfan khan memes:

1. Took out groceries from the car in one trip

Irrfan khan memes
Success kid ft. Irrfan Khan

2. When your friend has too many female friends

irrfan khan memes
Aao kabhi haveli pe ft. Irrfan Khan

3. If you’re already late..take your time, you can’t be late twice

meme intelligent
Use your head ft. Irrfan khan

4. Tell me more about how I resemble the [10] guy meme

Irrfan Khan memes
Irrfan khan as Willi Wonka meme

5. CCD, Starbucks is for kids, you know where legends invite

Irrfan Khan memes

6. Ye sare milke humko saree pehna rahe hai madarchod ke bacche..

Irrfan khan memes
Gormint aunty ft Irrfan khan


Irrfan Khan memes
Drake meme ft. Irrfan Khan

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Some bonus Irrfan Khan memes made by trolls:


irrfan khan memes


irrfan khan memes


irrfan khan memes


irrfan khan memes


irrfan khan memes


Irrfan khan is a great actor. One of the finest actors that Bollywood has. He is in London from quite sometime getting treatment for his neuroendcrine tumor which is a rare disease that targets various parts of the body. Entire nation is waiting for him to get back healthy and start shooting for films. I wish him all the best for his recovery.

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