Lifestyle Intex Fitrist reviews, worst fitness tracker ever purchased

Intex Fitrist reviews, worst fitness tracker ever purchased


I wish I could have done unboxing of the product for you but by the time I realized to write about it, I had already returned the product back to Snapdeal. Thanks to their easy return policies. My amount was returned the very next day as soon as the delivery boy took the wrist band back from me.

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A tip for you, While you are returning the product, make sure you have the bill and the packing box in which the product came. It will come very handy by removing all the hassles that might occur during the process.

Let me come back to Intex Fitrist health band. The product is a competitor to Xiaomi health band which is now available for INR 799. But Xiaomi has less features as compared to Fitrist. I am not sure about the accuracy of Xiaomi as I haven’t used it but spending INR 999 on Fitrist is total waste if your prime motive is to buy a health band.

The only accurate function in the band is its watch. Rest all the functions i.e. step calculator, sleep calculator, music controller, distance tracker is completely useless. They only function if your body or some parts of your body are in a position which can be tracked by the sensors. If you bring your hand at the height of chest it will not calculate the steps taken. App is just ok. So say for example, if you are holding anything with your both hands while walking, the possibility is it might not calculate anything. You can say, for a boxer, the total outcome for all his workout as per the band will be zero.

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On the top of that, after using for 4-5 days, the OLED display of Fitrist band fell off from the band. That is when I decided to return the so called fitness band. Otherwise, I was thinking of giving the band to my nephew, he might have used it as a digital rechargeable watch that don’t require changing batteries.

If you want  to fool yourself that you slept for 8 hours and walked xx miles etc. This product is definitely for you.

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