Indian-memes Indian Mom Memes That Will Make You Cheer ‘Thats Like My Mom’

Indian Mom Memes That Will Make You Cheer ‘Thats Like My Mom’

Mom, Mother, Maa, just different versions of the most sacred person on this earth. A simple 1-minute conversation with her on phone makes my day. And no matter how fierce she gets for the outside world, for me she always is an innocent creature who in spite of knowing everything, doesn’t mind getting fooled.

But then, often does it happen that I also get to witness her fierce side. Especially when I do things that make her forget that I am her son.

And this is not just my story, I am sure this has happened with you also at so many events. And that is when the thoughts of all the moms unite and a meme for me becomes meme for you which then gets shared like crazy. “Because maa sabki alag alag hai, par unki mamta ek jaisi hi hai!!”

Check out these Indian mom memes and tell me how many are relatable for you!


Indian mother’s most common and impactful dialogue:

Tujhe ek bar samjha dia na mene, nai jaana to nai jaana

indian mom memes


When you buy a torn/rugged jeans for yourself:

Mom: Ye kisi bhikhari se leleta aise fate kapde

indian mom memes template


When you buy 30Rs per kg tamatar for 40 Rs

Mom: Kaisa nalayak hai tu, kaise kamyaab hoga zindagi me

indian mom memes template

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When your mom runs out of insults and she looks at your dad helplessly to help her curse you further

indian mom memes


When you beat your mom with logical explanation

Mom: Apne kamre me chala ja nai to muh tod dungi tera

indian mom memes


When you beat your mom with logical explanation (Vol. 2)

Mom: Haa beta ab bade hogaye ho, maa-baap galat lagne lage hai tumko, sab humari hi galati hai

indian mom memes


When you tell your mom that you will be back home before 10 PM

Mom: Agar tu na aya time se wapas, to tere papa ka gussa tuje pata hai

indian mom memes


When you are playing PUBG on phone for more than 10 minutes

Mom: Main is phone ke aag laga dungi kisi din

indian mom memes


When you return home to your mother after a short weekend trip

indian mom memes


When you tell your mom you lost virginity

Mom: Haaye raam meri beti lut gai, ab kon shaadi karega tujhse

indian mom memes


Alarm clock, Indian kids wake up to

indian mom memes


You: Crying because your boyfriend ditched you

Mom: Don’t whine like a bitch now, I told you to not fall in all of this

indian mom memes


When you tell your mom you will come home by 10:00 PM

But it’s 10:01 and you have returned home safe

indian mom memes


Massimo D’Alema

massimo d alema meme template

Indian version of Massimo D’Alema

indian mom memes

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I will keep adding more to this list as and when I come across a new meme template of any typical desi mom or Indian mom. You can also use the above images as templates to create your own memes(you can share your love by giving us the credit). And don’t forget to share your own memes in comments below. Hope you forward this article to your friends, family, mom and help us reach out to larger audience.

I will try to home deliver a candy in appreciation for your efforts. Because that is all that I can afford right now 😐

Until then, Happy memeing!

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