If you’ve come here, you probably are either trying to understand this phenomenon or are searching for some really interesting Indian memes. Well if that is the case, then this article will amuse you to the core of your heart.

But if in case you want to dig deeper and want to explore some of the most used Indian memes, then you have come to the right place. So carry on with reading further.

In this article, I will take you on a roller-coaster journey of this interesting cult.

But first, let me help you quickly understand

What is a meme?

To give you the simplest meaning of meme, it is a message, a feeling described with the help of an image which depicts that emotion in its purest form.

A meme is a part of pop culture. Pop culture refers to the shortened version of popular culture which is famous among 90s kids, millennial and generation Z. Though, Indian memes have taken it up a notch further and included old generation also into the game.

But there are various other things that differentiate Indian memes than usual memes we see on internet.

And the difference doesn’t just lie in the sarcasm, or use of Indian images over foreign images. But actually it goes a lot beyond that. Indian humor is very different from humor compared with other countries. However, the basic idea remains same when creating a meme, that is picking up an image from internet and giving it a funny caption with which a lot of people can relate to.

But do you think creating memes could be this simple?

thats where you're wrong kiddo

You see, I just subtly gave an answer to you with a meme. But to help you understand this better, I will quote an example from an international meme.

Everyone has seen this man doing circles on the internet, right?

harold meme

Who is this guy?

Well, he is a stock photography model. He became famous in the meme game because his expressions depicted suppressed pain or as if he is hiding his pain. And later on when his images became popular he was given a pseudonym as Harold and his memes template name is called ‘hide the pain Harold’.

Thus meme makers use his images to show emotions which has similar characteristics. For example:

indian memes

But he never intentionally became a part of meme game, he was just dragged into it, like many others. If you want to know more about international memes and their origination this website does a pretty good job.

Let me proceed further by picking up some really famous Indian memes:

One specific category because of which elderly people also became a part of the meme game is ‘Indian parents memes‘ or ‘desi parents memes’.

Since a lot of these memes have to do with kids and their parents, so these folks involved their parents to enjoy a common laugh.

1. Desi mom

indian memes

This image is a still from movie ‘Bend it like Beckam’. The image became popular because of her resemblance with desi middle class mom. Also, int he movie as well, she is a person who even though lives in western country, but still has Indian values and thought process. However, her daughter who wants to build her career in football, disregards her mom’s thinking and carry on to be the one.

However, this meme template has now become a normie (a meme of which trending time has subsided and now has become too mainstream) and not much used.

indian memes

Another version of desi mom which has been used multiple times to create Indian memes. This image is taken from Dostaana movie. Nothing so special about this particular picture apart from her closest portrayal to a middle class Indian cultured woman.

2. KBC Memes

indian memes

He is Amitabh Bachchan. A famous Bollywood superstar who has also appeared in many Hollywood movies like ‘The Great Gatsby’. He is also the reason of success behind a popular game show Kaun Banega Crorepati (Who wants to be a millionaire). The game is a popular show who most of the Indian grew up watching. Also, Amitabh gave this show some really epic dialogues which most of the audience remember. Thus, later on those dialogues with images became part of the desi meme game.

3. Sooryavansham meme

Indian memes

This is an epic scene from one of the most played movie on Set Max. Again featuring Amitabh Bachchan, this movie was a massive hit. Although later became a topic of joke because Set Max over-playing this movie with almost at least twice a weak. People started trolling Set Max for this and then this meme also came out.

When Amitabh eats poison infused kheer(Indian dessert), he pukes out blood. And this moment was captured for memes to show disgust.

4. Ha malum hai, chal apne baap ko mat sikha

indian memes

The guy featuring in this meme is again a famous Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar. The image is taken from movie ‘Deewane Hue Paagal’. Although, the dialogue is not from the movie or from this scene, it is said by Akshay Kumar only. And if I am guessing it right, the dialogue is from movie ‘Hera Pheri’. They both have been merged together to form a meme.

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5. Rani Mukerji in coma

Indian memes

This meme features another famous Bollywood star Rani Mukerji. And the image is taken from movie ‘Har dil jo pyar karega’. This meme depicts the deepest of sorrow a person cannot describe but experiences within them.

6. Irrfan Khan as Drake meme

indian memes

The original meme which is known as Drakeposting features Drake instead of Irrfan Khan. The still were taken from one of Drake’s famous song Hotline Bling. AIB an Indian company famous for introducing India to roasting, collaborated with Irrfan Khan to take their shot at making things viral. They created a lot of desi versions of famous memes of which this is still being used.

7. Gormint Aunty

indian memes

This image is taken from one of the most viral going video of 2017. This lady was seen abusing government (pronouncing it as gormint) with whatever came into her mouth. She achieved fame with two name ‘gormint aunty’ and ‘bhadwi aunty’. Depending upon the crowd addressed to, these names are used accordingly (if you know what I mean).

8. Laxman meme

indian memes

This is another famous still featuring Shah Rukh Khan and Jayed Khan from movie ‘Main Hoon Na’. It is a 3-dialogue strip in which Shah Rukh Khan asks a question that seems very obvious & common to Laxman (Jayed Khan). However, SRK in third dialogue emphasizes that it is not as common as it may appear to you (making him realize that Laxman is blessed).

9. Aise kaise meme

indian memes

This is a still from a very old movie ‘Ek dil sau afsane’. The meme features Raj Kapoor and Wahida Rahman, two of the most notable actors of their time. They both seem to be dancing in this image and forms a pose which quite resembles an Indian hand gesture which looks exaggerated due to dance pose) famous for questioning. Thus, when translating ‘Aise Kaise Bhenchod’ simply means ‘How come, fucker?’ The exaggeration of the hand gesture is what gives this meme a funny quotient.

10. Main likh ke deta hoon meme

indian memes

This meme is picked from the movie ‘Newton’. Rajkumar Rao in the lead role and also sitting on the opposite side of ‘Pankaj Tripathi’ (featured in the meme). The meaning of this dialogue is, ”I can give you in written that no is going to show up’. Well, now you know the meaning and history of this meme, you know what to do.


All of these memes that I have shared with you in this post are old memes which were extremely famous till 2017. However, some of these memes are still used but now they have got the title of ‘normies’. That means they have become too mainstream now and everyone knows and understands them.

The reason I picked old memes is simply for the fact that you will be able to find enough material on internet about these memes understand and be a part of this culture. This will also form your base so you can align yourself with newer memes to understand them quickly.

The new change in 2018 that Indian memes scenario saw is no one is sticking to a specific meme template. For even same emotion, people come with their own meme templates and thus the industry found it a bit difficult to categorize and make any of it a part of meme directory.

However, I am trying my best to give you all the info behind upcoming memes. If in case, I have lost out on any (many), or you are interested in knowing history of any particular meme, please do let me know in comments. I will do my best to find complete history behind that meme. Also, please stay in touch with me by subscribing or liking my Facebook page. I will be uploading best memes of 2018 very soon.

Lets take Indian memes to the next level!

Here are some of the after-gyaan memes to relax your head and give you some laughter filled meme time.

indian meme
indian memes
indian memes
Indian memes
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indian memes


indian memes


When you are a Jain and eat non-veg by mistake

indian memes

But then you kind of like the taste of it

indian memes

This is all for now. If you want me to create memes of a specific video, please let me know in comments 😀

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