Bust a Rhyme I’ll Wait..!!

I’ll Wait..!!

He was playin’ “Best Friend” by Jason Mraz..
When rich fella took the best girl of my class..
Caught all upon her mentally..
She was already late to be in my bentley…
I know you will need me urgently..
When he will start behavin dominantly..
You will always find a car in your street
When your man is on heat..
So you rush run to my car
Next minute, we will be reachin too far
Then you kiss me i say Oh my God..
Can’t you see am drivin on the road..
Then you unpack the load..
I don’t know how to praise my lord..
Your man behind the back could’nt handle us together..
Lovin atmosphere turn to hot weather..
First he hurts you then ruin seats of leather..
To help him reach hospital..nearby people gather…

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Author: Wotpost.


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