Lifestyle Hummel review: Sportswear that combines style and comfort

Hummel review: Sportswear that combines style and comfort

When I came across Hummel, I did some research and was totally blown by its rich legacy!

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It is a century-old sportswear brand born in Denmark that has sponsored famous clubs and teams like Real Madrid, Tottenham Hotspur, Southampton, and the Denmark national team. 

With a vision to change the world through sport, Hummel has strong ideologies of team spirit and empowerment. It has recently started to grow its roots in India and is already supporting various state-level football clubs. 

It’s a one-stop-shop for both men’s and women’s athleisure and sports apparel needs. To test out, I bought a pair of shoes – Minneapolis Legend sneakers.

hummel minneapolis sneakers review

Shoes are the most ignored and crucial outfit that supports the entire body to prevent wear and tear of joints. The wrong footwear can lead to serious injuries, the effect of which either appears instantly or after several years.

I strongly recommend only buying quality footwear irrespective of whether you have an active lifestyle or not. One of such quality shoemakers is Hummel.


Extremely lightweight, sturdy on the soul and grip on the heels, these shoes provide all-round support to the critical leg joints and absorb shock to cause less impact on the backbone. I am impressed with the material used to craft these pairs, as they must weigh less than 100 grams for each shoe.

hummel shoes


The descending chevrons (downward arrow) on the apparel enhances its look n feel and give a unique and easily recognisable style statement. With the great colour combination, the upper mesh layering adds a sheen to the shoes giving them a premium look. They have some fantastic collections overseas. When I checked the Instagram page of different countries they are in; I was totally inspired by the uniquely customised range they are providing basis the taste and requirements of every nation.


As I discussed earlier, shoes are incredibly critical, especially for your knee joints, to keep them from wear n tear. When engaged in activities like running, gymming, sporting or living an active lifestyle that involves a lot of walking, I highly recommend wearing sports shoes. Hummel is a century-old brand supplying quality sports gear to athletes and international-level players, proving its unmatched quality.

Final verdict

Hummel is extremely popular among soccer lovers. They trust the brand with their eyes closed. And why shouldn’t they?

All of its products are thoughtfully designed from the perspective of lifestyle and comfort. Moreover, their shoes are designed to provide excellent arch support and complete grip to runners and trainers. Hummel is undoubtedly an underdog brand that can compete with some of the leading brands in the sports industry.

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