Facebook comments hold a lot of value in them. Each comment gives a boost of engagement to your Facebook post. So are you receiving fewer comments on your Facebook posts? No need to worry, we are here to help.

We will teach you today how you can get more than usual comments. Receiving a lot of comments gives a boost to your post. And it also enhances your credibility. Many posts grab attention and ask people to post Facebook comments. Let’s learn how is it even possible:

How to Receive a Good Amount Of Comments on Facebook Posts?

There are many factors that one should keep at heart when making a post. Here is what you need to know about receiving more comments on your Facebook post:

1.    Ask an Unpopular Question

When you ask an unpopular question, you are destined to get a lot of comments under your post. Unpopular questions spark interest in people. So people come up with many unpopular opinions.

This helps greatly enhance the engagement of your post. And in return, you would even have a very unique comments section. This works for you to attract more audience to your post. People’s answers in your post will help you go viral.

You can also make a poll, and in the third poll, you can ask people to write the answer in the comments section if you have another opinion to share. This is how you can gain a following on Facebook as well.

2.    Engage With the People In your Comments Section

You need to start engaging with the people that comment on your post. So no matter how many comments you receive, you should keep them engaged. Once you start talking to them, more will come to your post.

The more engagement on your post means the highest engagement rate. However, make sure to not bore your audience with your comments. Have a sense of humor, stay cool, and entertain along the way.

Also, do not write only one short comment. Listen to every person in your comments section, and engage accordingly.

3.    Tag Someone in the Comments

Tagging someone in the comments is a great way to start any discussion. Once the person is tagged, keep talking. Be natural and talk about anything you love. But most importantly stick to the topic of the post.

Because if you drift away from the main topic, your audience may not engage. So tag as many friends as you would like. This way a chain reaction could happen. And you will be able to get more than the required comments.

4.    Provoke a Strong Emotional Response

Provoking a strong emotional reaction can be a great way to get a lot of comments on your post. So make sure you get the idea of the post right. Write a really nice caption to attract your specific audience.

Whenever someone creates a post that can provoke an emotional response, it is likely to get more comments. This way you have far better chances of getting viral. You can either make them cry, angry, or laugh.

The choice is yours when making a post. Because people are likely to react and intersect in the form of a comment to a funny, sad, or offensive post. However, try not to offend but be satirical instead.

5.    Post a Meme

Post a funny meme so that people react. But to make them post a comment, you need to create a meme that provokes their interest to comment on it. And yes the meme can be extremely funny as well.

Memes are very famous these days, and you can post them as many times as you like. Memes always catch attention. So this time if you are looking to gain more comments, you should go for meme posts.

6.    Post Content That Can Spark Interest

Yes, you can always post content that can spark people’s interest. For example, you can post a very cool photo. Or a video that people can relate to. Because whenever you post something that anybody can relate to, you interestingly get a lot of comments.

Final Thoughts

Finally, we found out how to receive more comments on a Facebook post. What you need to do is ask unpopular questions to get unpopular opinions in the comments. Because this can start a nice debate.

Moreover, you can engage with your followers in the comments. You can also provoke an emotional reaction in people and even post a meme and so on. I hope you loved reading this article and learned something along the way. Thanks for reading!

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