They want to conquer heaven by missile feeds..
Somebody tell ’em its earned by good deeds..
Too many soldier bleeds..
On both sides, it’s all just fights..
Race of nuclear weapon,to see who leads..
peace is what everybody needs..
But you want to earn it through war..
If it keep goin’ this way..both countries won’t end up very far..
Bullet in the chest..On a shelf another star..
red light with ambassador car..
You can’t snatch what we earned..
if u tried you will be burned..
So your offsprings better need to be learned..
To stay in boundaries..
or they will be washed like cloths in the laundry..
Unity in diversity..thats my country..
Weapon stocked we have a gun tree..
sky is the limit..when we become killing spree..
So lets settle down with peace man..”s not our plan..
Lets spread up the brotherhood..
and end all these filthy feud…
Not mine not yours let it be ours..
Cuz at the end of the day we both sleep beneath the same stars..

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