Lifestyle How I brought down the hairfall to 95% (For Men)

How I brought down the hairfall to 95% (For Men)

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Hairfall is a very common problem and almost every second individual is tensed about the hairs that they see every morning either on the pillow cover or while taking a shower. There are so many shampoos and therapies available in the market which people go after to get rid of their hair fall. Most of them are loaded with chemicals and whatnot.

From a very young age, I was also worried about the hair fall that I was experiencing. All the advertisements that were running on TV put it deep in my head that hair fall is a common phenomenon and almost everyone is suffering from it. Probably I am too but I shouldn’t be worried about it. Because they have found out the groundbreaking solution to this problem.

The things that were portrayed in the ads made me feel like hair fall is a wow problem and it is a problem of elders. And when we are kids, we want to do all the elderly things. Even small things like wearing pants, specs, sunglasses make us feel like we are walking in size 10 shoes. Only to realize when we actually grow old, that growing old is no fun!

Thus, associating myself with hair fall gave me that feeling and I used to discuss it proudly with my friends that I have hair fall.

I used so many different-different shampoos. I don’t even remember all the brands. Combined it with so many different hair oils being almost the first one to jump on any new product in the market.

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This is me!

I remember Garnier Fructis was my first shampoo. I moved to Clinic plus and various other brands later on. Nothing worked. Then came the time when I thought of buying an expensive shampoo.

I switched to Matrix. That was the time when I was making some expensive changes in my life, switching to branded clothes, expensive hairdressers, etc. That expensive hairdresser told me about Matrix shampoo.

I used that shampoo for quite a long time until a friend of mine told me that that particular shampoo adds a lot to the drying of hair and making them look dull. They are not meant to be used regularly as they are professional shampoos.

That was the last time when I used chemical-heavy shampoo. I started searching for more organic things. And came across a shampoo made by a Khadi garment company called Khadi India which manufactures products under the name Manav Khadi Herbals.

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I started using that shampoo and never paid attention to the amount of hair fall thereafter.

I came across another advertisement that had some good information in it as opposed to just putting insecurity and fear among the mind of viewers. It told me that hair fall is not a problem. It is common and it is totally fine. The problem is not having the regrowth after the hair fall. If you have proper hair growth then let hair fall occur because they are being replenished with new roots.

After that, I never paid attention to the amount of hair left on my head. Until recently, I recently over the period of 3 years of me constantly using this shampoo my hair fall has reduced to 95%.

The other major factor that needs to be considered here is that do not add to your worry by thinking about the hair fall you are experiencing. Worrying about this will only further your problem. If you undergo a lot of tension, stress, all this will impact hair fall. Thus remove as much stress from your life and switch to a healthy lifestyle and a fitness routine.

Also, I shampoo my hair daily. Some still think that this practice is not healthy for your hair which would be correct to some extent. It will not be a good practice if you are only using shampoo without nourishing them with some hair oil.

I am a user of Dabur Amla hair oil (Green in color). I have used a lot of hair oils before like, Bajaj Almond drops, Parachute coconut oil, Livon, and a lot more that came in and vanished.

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With Khadi Shampoo (Satritha), I use Dabur Amla hair oil. After every time I shampoo, I massage with few drops of hair oil. It doesn’t give any stickiness to my hair. If you have too sticky hairs, you can oil before using the shampoo or at the night. But nourishing your hair with oil is extremely important.

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I follow a very simple procedure to keep my hair fall under control.

1. I do not worry about it

2. I shampoo daily with an herbal shampoo called Satritha

3. I massage with few drops of hair oil with Dabur Amla

4. I try to keep my stress levels under check. You can join a gym for a good fitness regime. And if you are a vegetarian, follow this to have a protein-rich diet.

You can buy Dabur Amla from any general store while if there is a Khadi store in your city, you can buy the shampoo from there. You can take the reference of the shampoo from the images shared in this post.

Try to follow these simple guidelines for at least a few months before you could see results from it. Please share your views and results in the comments below.

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