Bust a Rhyme Gonn be my Girl.

Gonn be my Girl.

It was such a long love letter..
It has got four pages n every word was written so better…
Scented paper smooth like an ice skit…
seemed like she spent an year on it,,,
To impress this man she made it all the more perfect..
that it made me wonder do i really need this respect..
When i was kid i was in girls hit list,,
now when m grown am the first in their fit list….
But that girl is still in my mind…
who’s lovely letter made me blind…
From my childhood to yesterday…
She knew everything about my monotonous day..
Like she was studying me from my birth..
the time when i haven’t stepped on the earth…
I know she’s the one who can fill that void..
shes got a heart of gold..she’ll never feel me devoid..
No matter she like apple and i like android….
Though i like Eminem n she like pink Floyd..
But I’ma tell her we are sailing on the same boat…
So don’t worry we will never collide…

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Author: Wotpost.


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