Want to try elite nail colors? There are plenty to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you love. Modern divas look for trendy and sophisticated shades.

So, if you’re ready to add a touch of glamour to your look, you’ll want to read on! We made sure to include all of the most elite nail colors.

1.  Coral Nails

Let’s start with coral nails. This color is bright and eye-catching, making it fun for anyone who wants nails that will make them stand out. It’s also a very versatile shade since it’s mainly pink with some orange added in. That means you can wear it with anything you want.

This shade is energizing, youthful, and fun to wear. There are plenty of ways to use this color with nail art, too. A vegan nail polish in this shade would be stunning and glamorous. 

2. Clear Glossy Nails

Next, you can try a clear, high-gloss nail polish. It will add extra shine to your nails, making them appear more glamorous. This option is great if you don’t want to attract too much attention, but your nails will still look outstanding. Plus, it’s a sure way to keep them versatile and work with all your clothing.

It’s simple, timeless, and gives your nails a more finished look. However, clear gloss won’t hide imperfections in the nail, so you need to ensure you’re taking good care of them.

You’ll want to know that clear nail polish differs from a top coat. It’s not meant to protect your nail colors from peeling. So, if that’s what you want, choose the right product.

3. Shiny Rose Gold Nails

Rose gold nail polish is very glamorous. This shade always looks high-end and very classy. You can combine it with gold accents and glitter for a stunning effect. Metallic rose gold nails look gorgeous and expensive, even if you didn’t spend much on them, making them perfect for a modern-day diva.

Rose gold is a very feminine color as well. So, you’ll want to consider it when looking for glamorous polishes.

4. Ruby Red Nails

Classic, or ruby, red nails are gorgeous, so it’s no wonder it’s one of the most popular nail colors out there. It’s also sophisticated and glamorous. 

Ruby red nails are usually associated with confidence and passion, making it a bold choice that you can use to make a statement. This classic color is also very versatile, so that you can wear it with plenty of clothes, both formal and casual.

These nails are especially popular around the holidays, and you can use the red shade to create festive nail art.

5. Pastel Nails

Pastel nails are also fantastic for a modern diva to wear. They’re more subtle than other colors but still very feminine. Choose a pastel mint, pink, or blue in a matte finish for a cute effect. They’re soft and very charming. Plus, they have a timeless appeal, so you don’t have to worry about them going out of style.

Pastel nails come in many different colors, too. There are plenty of options that will match a diva’s wardrobe. So, you’ll want to choose your favorites!

6. Burgundy Nails

Next, give burgundy nails a try. They exude elegance, and using a formula with sparkles would make it perfect for a diva. It’s also a much more formal nail color, making it perfect for important events. 

This shade is the perfect statement piece, especially if you add glitter, rhinestones, and other intricate nail art designs. We also recommend using a metallic finish for stunning results. This shade is very shiny and will put you in the spotlight.

Lastly, this is another classic color that’s never going out of style.

7. Champagne Nails

This nail shade is usually a nude or beige color with a ton of shimmer added in. It’s fun, glamorous, and best for modern divas. It looks stunning without any nail art, and you can use it for an accent nail to add more interest.

It’s a gorgeous alternative to nude nails and is much more glamorous to boot. Try this color on longer nails for a stronger impact.

8. Diamond Nails

Diamond nail polish is a clear polish with tons of shimmering silver bits mixed in. The amount of glitter can make the nails appear almost white at a distance. They’re very chic and shiny and can make you feel like a true diva.

These nails are sure to grab lots of attention and make a statement. Many people wear them for galas, fancy parties, and weddings. So, they’re sure to carry an air of glamour with them. That said, they’re very versatile because the base polish is clear.

9. Sparkling Black Nails

Black nails look gorgeous with a gold accent. You can pair them with a high-gloss finish and gold sparkles for stunning results that look great on any modern diva. This nail design is also very classy and elegant.

Black nails are a classic option. You can trust that you look sophisticated when you’re wearing them. Plus, they can be used for a minimalistic design that’s easy to maintain.

10. Sapphire Blue Nails

Lastly, sapphire nails are rich, deep, and command attention. They look gorgeous in many settings and can make you feel more confident in your appearance. Plus, this nail shade is very sophisticated and sound in a professional environment. It’s even been popular in history.

You can pair it with white, silver, and gold for added glamour. Finally, sapphire nails are a perfect canvas for intricate nail designs. Try using a glimmer or a glossy finish with this shade to make it even more stunning.

Get a Glamour Touch Today

Are you ready to have modern diva nails? These nail colors are all excellent choices. They’re feminine, elegant, and very trendy. You’ll want to make sure that you try more than one shade off of this list.

Overall, there are so many diva nail colors out there!

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